Laying Out The Game Plan

A little over five months ago I began training for the Boston Marathon which is TOMORROW!!

How am I feeling? So excited. A little nervous. Restless. Sluggish. As prepared as I have ever been. Wishing I had a few more long runs under my belt. Totally confident. A bit anxious. Dying to run this race already! And that’s just what I thought in the last hour.

I’ve been reading all about the course and trying to mentally prepare for this big race. Part of mental process of preparing for this race is coming up with how I’m going to approach the course.

This is how I’m approaching the marathon course:

  • 5 miles downhill .  I’m not going to waste these seconds, but I also don’t want to blow my legs.
  • 10 miles flat .  Here I hope to find my pace and stick with it, keeping my heart rate low and emotions calm.
  • 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard (three times). Past runners have told me that this race really begins at mile 16 because mile 16 is downhill, then miles 19 and 22 are also downhill, but each are followed by two difficult miles. With that said, I plan to attack these in pieces, hitting the downs and maintaining control going up.

The Boston Marathon is here and now it’s time to hold the vision and trust my training.