Boston Marathon Race Weekend Part 2

I recapped my arrival in Boston, the expo, and pre-race activities in this post and recapped the Marathon in this post. Today, we’re talking all about the post race activities!

But first here’s a little tagline we came up for the Boston Marathon….“Boston: A Great Marathon if You Like to Feel Important.” Haha…But it’s so true, the spectators and the town make you feel like a star. So many restaurants and brewery’s we went to had specials for marathoners.

Harpoon was offering runners a free first round, Samuel Adams gave runners a free beer cup, Lord Hobo offered free entrees to finishers, and Row 34 gave runners a free glass of champagne.


In an attempt to keep my muscles loose, Jamie and I signed up for a spin class. We went to the Back Bay Soulcycle Studio.



After the Holidays I stayed away from alcohol, I allowed myself to have a drink on my birthday but that was it. However, after Marathon Monday all bets were off. So Tuesday we drank, we ate, and we drank some more, and then enjoyed a nice showd.

We started at the Samuel Adams Brewery. We took their free one hour tour which was great. We got each got a free cup and sampled A LOT of beer.



IMG_4137 2.jpg

Look at all these Boston Marathon Celebration Jackets!



After Samuel Adams we went to lunch. I still haven’t had a great roast beef in Boston, but we did go to Kelly’s Roast Beef.  We tried got the Surf and Turf, had the lobster rolls and got a roast beef. I’ve been told Kelly’s is in no way the best roast beef option in Boston, but it counts as something, right?

After lunch we were dropped off at Night Shift had a flight and we took an Uber to Harpoon.


Harpoon was great. There were so many runners there celebrating. We were hoping to take another tour here, but they were packed, so we just stayed and had some beer and a pretzel.



Once we finished at Harpoon, Jamie and I met Molly at Legal Crossing for dinner before watching the Broadway Musical On Your Feet.


I didn’t take any pictures other than on my way home, but here’s a quick recap of what I did.

My flight back home didn’t leave until 7pm so spent the rest of the day exploring more Boston Breweries. I went to Mystic BreweryDown the Road Beer Co., and Lamplighter and for lunch I had a super cheesy but delicious Torta at Tenoch.

After some food and beer I went back to Molly’s picked up luggage, said my goodbyes, and flew back to San Francisco.


Thank you again to EVERYONE who has taken this journey to Boston with me and supported my first Boston Marathon. I’ve really enjoyed this process and am excited to continue building on this awesome training cycle and I hope you’ll stick around for the next part of my running adventure!


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