PB at the Boston Marathon

Tired of all my Boston posts?! I promise this is my last one…for now.

This is isn’t necessary a recap but more a what I’ve learned throughout my Boston training/running experience.

So for the longest time I didn’t understand why people said “personal best” instead of “personal record”, but now it makes perfect sense. I mean I just ran my fastest marathon at Boston(!) but more importantly, I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt during a run! I gave it my best in that awful weather, but I also had the most fun doing it and that’s why I’m also calling it a PB.

793876_273575207_XLarge (1).jpg

The only reason I was able to have as much fun running as hard as I did during the marathon was because I worked hard during my training. I incorporated more strength and cross training, something I hadn’t done much of when preparing for the San Francisco Marathon. Could I have done better or done more? Of course, but I also have to remind myself this is only my second marathon and I did a damn good job. Through all this training I also learned a lot about my self and my body:

  1. You have to figure out what drives you. At Boston it was all the people that were supporting me and my fundraiser. I thought about the kids and family members that had fought cancer. Compared to the struggle they go through, running 26.2 miles is nothing.
  2. Running isn’t really about speed or strength, a lot of it is mental. Your mental resilience and strength are 100% more important than your physical strength when running.
  3. Patience. One of the only way you’ll find joy when you’re pushing yourself to get stronger is to be patient. Figure out what works for you and take your time.

It think it’s really easy to get consumed by time but at the end of the day, it’s all about putting your strongest foot forward and running only to be the best that you can be.