Favorite Streaming Shows to Binge Watch

Although we have cable at home, I much prefer streaming services instead of cable television. My favorite is Netflix. I have the Netflix app on my iPad and watch it while I’m getting ready in the morning and if I’m working on boring things at my desk.
Sometimes I watch movies, but I’m much more into the television series! Forty two minutes is just long enough where I can get through one episode in the morning. Between straightening my hair and getting dressed and putting on make up and what not, it’s a great distraction to make time go by a little quicker.
Plus, I really dislike watching live television. I’d much rather skip the commercials. AND I love that I can watch as few or as many episodes as I wish, especially if an episode has a cliffhanger. Hello, I’m not patient enough to wait a whole week (or longer if it’s a season finale) for the next episode.

Here is a list of the current shows I’ve binged watch and love:

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Crown

The Office- So great for when you need a laugh!

Handmaids Tale- So hauntingly good. It really makes you think this kind of thing can happen- a world where not many women can have babies so the women have to become handmaids (sole purpose is to breed.)

13 Reasons Why

American Housewife



Game of Thrones- Hopefully you have seen this already! If not get on it ASAP!

Friends- Another all time fav!

Gilmore Girls


Queer Eye

Splitting Up Together

House of Cards – Love seasons 1-4.

How to Get Away with Murder- really good and keeps you on your toes

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Mindy Project- Just as funny as the office (to me)

Stranger Things- Everyone should see this show! So spooky & fun!