Alaska: Trip Highlights


Trip Highlights

  • Beauty of the state-I had high expectations of beautiful landscapes but I was blown away!
  • Amount of water-This goes with the beauty, but living in draught ridden California, it’s simply amazing how much water there is. One of our guides said there were 3 million lakes in the state.
  • Food-If you enjoy fresh seafood like Salmon there’s no better place. Seward and is also a huge Halibut fishing towns so make sure to enjoy some there.
  • Activities-This is a main attraction of coming to Alaska, so make sure to book your favorite things.
  • Wildlife-I’ve never seen so many Bald Eagles, Bears, and Moose! The Tundra Wildlife Tour in Denali was perfect for seeing an abundance of wildlife.

Can’t Miss

  • I highly recommend that you rent your own car, especially if you’re staying in Anchorage. Having buffer time and our own car allowed us to stop whenever we wanted to.
  • Tundra Wilderness Tour – We saw a ton of wildlife on our bus tour. Our 6 hour tour sounded long but it didn’t feel like it. We got really lucky and saw Alaska’s “Big Five” animals: bears, wolf, dall sheep, moose and caribou
  • At least 1 hike- We took a great hike at the Alyeska Resort called Winner Creek Hike. There are hiking trails everywhere in Alaska, so working a hike into your trip should not be difficult.
  • Flightseeing tour in Ketchikan – We woke up that morning to a completely clear skies in Ketchikan. The views from the skies were amazing.