On My Radar

Happy Friday, friends!

Early Sunday morning I drove to Gilroy for the Garlic Festival. This was my first time ever going and I loved it. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. We had garlic fries, calamari, garlic bread, and garlic ice cream…and it’s pretty good.


On Tuesday I helped my aunt and her daughters prepare for Leanna’s return from Panama. She’s been in Panama for six weeks with AMIGOS volunteering in the community.  You can read more about the program, my experience with AMIGOS, and the awesome journal I made her in this blog post.

*bragging moment here  –  she got many complements on the awesome journal I made her!

Wednesday we all went to the airport to welcome her back home.

It’s been so nice having her home and hearing the wonderful time she had in Panama with AMIGOS. She came back and told us she wants to do it again! How awesome is that!?

Anyway… here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Hemingway’s Third Wife

I’ve always found Hemingway as a person to be so fascinating. He lived such a colorful life. I’m currently planning a trip to Cuba and  I’m looking forward to seeing his home in Finca Vigía. Anyways, I found this interesting article about the time he lived in Cuba with his third wife Martha Gellhorn. Her story is pretty fascinating.

TWO // “How I Make Viral Food Videos”

I love watching Tasty videos. I haven’t tried to follow a recipe but I love them because they always make cooking look so easy and do able! I watched this video because I was totally curious how they make the viral recipe videos on Facebook. And it’s great, but it’s even better than I was expecting because she also shares a bit about her career path. Definitely give it a watch!

THREE // The Best First Date Is a Boring Coffee Date

I really loved this article about the best first date and I couldn’t agree with the author more!!!

FOUR // Girls Got To Eat

This has become one of my favorite podcasts as I just laugh and laugh and laugh with these girls. It’s kind of like U Up (another favorite) but with a strictly female perspective (although they regularly bring on men as guests). They are definitely not always politically correct, and they are sooooo very open about their dating lives and real life, but I just laugh. I feel like they are my smart, hilarious, slightly raunchy besties. As a single girl in her twenties, dating in Bay Area, I live for each episode – it helps me realize I’m not alone in this crazy, crazy world. Listen to Girls Gotta Eat here.

FIVE // Little Women Adaptation

They’re coming out with another adaptation of Little Women and it’s set in modern day. I’m all about Little Women, I’ve watched every adaptation and read the book. I watched the trailer for this one and, well, let’s just say I’ll watch it but I don’t know if I have the highest of hopes for it…thoughts??