On My Radar

I’ve had a great week. Some highlights: a fun date in the city, took a trip to the dog beach, and a workout every single day. I have a lot on my personal plate right now so it feels good to focus on the good!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Gilmore Girl Proposal

One lucky fiancée scored the proposal of all Gilmore Girls superfans’ dreams! A proposal in the middle of town square in the gazebo.

TWO // Crazy Rick Asians 

I loved this film! It’s just as good as the book. While reading reviews on the movie I found this great article about entitlement in the movie and I couldn’t agree more with what the author wrote.

THREE // NXIVSM Scandal 

Pause your Wild Wild Country bingeing and watch this Dateline episode on the so-called cult NXIVSM. I applaud Catherin Oxenberg for researching and bringing down this cult group.

FOUR // American Horror Story

The new season of American Horror story is out next month and I’m very excited because my favorite cast member Jessica Lange is returning!

FIVE // Serena Williams on Postpartum

I can’t imagine the pressure Serena Williams is constantly under, being a professional athlete (one of the greatest) and being a mom. I’m sure it get’s tough. What I love about her is that she’s always been very open about the challenges of motherhood since the very beginning. Now, she’s opened up to Instagram followers on the enduring challenges a woman can go through months after becoming a mother.