Favorite Horror Movies of 2018

It’s often argued real life is scarier than fiction, but I think 2018 has brought a number of horror films that have made me reconsider what being scared really means. To prove my point, I’ve compiled my favorite 6 horror movies of 2018.

A Quiet Place

In A Quiet Place, a family is forced to live in silence in a post-apocalyptic world because monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing have wiped out most of the other humans and animals on the planet. To make matters more complicated, the wife is in the final stages of pregnancy. Once the family comes into contact with one of the monsters, they must try to outsmart it.


In Hereditary, Annie’s family begins to discover terrifying truths about their ancestry after the death of the family’s matriarch, her grandmother. As they continue to discover their truth, they also try to escape it. But will they be able to?

The Little Stranger

In The Little Stranger, Dr. Faraday travels to Hundreds Hall, which has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries. While the home is obviously in decline, the family is haunted by an ominous presence. Once Faraday takes a new patient there, he’ll find out how much his world is intertwined with theirs.


The 11th installment of the franchise, 2018’s Halloween is a direct sequel to its 1978 counterpart, in which a 6-year-old boy brutally murders his 17-year-old sister one Halloween night. After Laura Strode escaped the masked boy’s killing 40 years ago, she comes face to face with him once again. The film will be released six days before the 40th anniversary of the original flick, on October 19, 2018.

The Nun

In The Nun, when a nun based in a Romanian abbey takes her life, the Vatican sends a priest and a novitiate to investigate. The pair discovers the abbey’s unholy secret and is faced to deal with a demonic nun. In the process, they risk their lives and their faith.

Slender Man

In Slender Man, small town best friends get together and try to conjure up Slender Man, a tall, thin figure whose face has no discernable features. They think he doesn’t exist and that he’s just a part of internet lore. Two weeks later, when one of the girls disappears during a class trip to a graveyard, the friends suspect the horrifying figure is to blame.

Have any other good horror movies from 2018 that I missed?