Teddy’s Favorite Things

It’s been a while since the last Teddy update. So get ready for some picture overload today. Yall, I’m in trouble when I have kids. The number of photos I take of Teddy is borderline embarrassing. I just think he’s the cutest pup in the world and I’m not sure how I got so lucky. Adorable, snuggly, and playful.


I have loved this pup since the day I got him. Even though I was exhausted and totally out of my element (oh, and very overwhelmed), I did love him. But right now is so much better. We have a great routine and I just feel a whole lot more confident as a dog owner.


When I look back at my first few months with Teddy (remember how hard it was??), I never in a million years could have imagined the impact he’d have on my life. I’m thankful that my mom works from home and that someone’s with all day. This makes it a little easier when I leave him behind when I travel.


My favorite “development” with Teddy is that he knows a lot of words now and in two different languages. He has one favorite toy, his Pato (Duck, in Spanish) and we can tell him… “Teddy, where’s your Pato!” and he’ll go running through the house searching for the duck.

The favorites I’m going to share are really his favorites:

Chuck It Ball // If there’s one game Teddy loves to play its fetch and he LOVES his Chuck It Balls. He’d rather fetch than do anything else! His obsession with these balls have gotten so bad that we can’t have one in the house because now he’ll push the ball with his nose under the couch and bark at us to get up and get it for him. It’s incredibly annoying but so cute at the same time.

Duck // This is BY FAR Teddy’s favorite. We’ve gone through about three ducks because he loves playing with it and sucking on the toy before falling asleep (weird, I know) but most of the time he doesn’t let this duck leave his side. The best is when you say, “Teddy, go get your Pato!” and he runs through the apartment until he finds and retrieves him.

Blue Buffalo Bits Tasty Chicken Dog Treats // When I first got Teddy, I panicked about the right brand of dog food. I went for personal recommendations from friends and my vet. My vet recommended Blue Buffalo. Teddy loves the food and these little treats are great! They work are amazing for teaching him tricks!

Petstages Deerhorn Dog Chew Toy // We’ve tried many different bones and treats, but this is the one he loves the best. If I’m in the middle of a work project and he starts begging for attention, this is what I give him. Keeps him occupied and happy! He also really likes Nylabone Wishbone (this is our back up option).

KONG Gyro Dog Toy // I got this as a way to keep Teddy busy when there’s no one home (I don’t like giving him bones when he’s alone). It’s great because it keeps him entertained for hours and it also helps slow down the his crazy inhalation eating!

Highwave Auto Dog Mug // Not really a toy but this thing is great especially when we go to the beach.