Tuesday Thoughts

Just wanted to pop in an say hello with a few things:

ONE // I found these Bluelounge CableDrop at Urban Outfitters while doing some last minute Christmas shopping and bought them immediately! They are so easy to use and they keep my wires organized and in place.

TWO // I going to start a no-buy February. I’m only spending on the essentials food and gas. I have so many thoughts on this. First, I love it. I haven’t even really been tempted to break the freeze. Second, it’s a challenge especially since I’ll be traveling this month.

THREE // New podcast alert. I’ve been listening to “Ear Hustle,” a podcast about life inside San Quentin State Prison produced by two inmates and a volunteer. Pretty sure this might be the best new podcast I’ve heard this year. We’ve seen so much through television series like Orange is the new Black, Prison Break, and other shows, but Ear Hustle reveals the inside stories of American prison life. If you have an hour to kill (cleaning, driving, walking, working out), I highly recommend a listen!

FOUR // I finally did it, I last week I sat down and watched Bird Box. I was going to skip on this movie because I heard so many mixed feelings about it. I heard from people who loved it, others told me it was terrible, and others just said it was weird. Overall I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it or hate it, but it left me with many unanswered questions. This article answered many of unanswered questions (*contains spoilers)

FIVE // Game of Thrones premier date has finally been revealed. The show returns April 14th. Only 84 more days (yes, I’m counting down!).

SIX // The Bachelor is back! Does anyone one else watch the bachelor on Monday night?! I’m so excited for this season (I mean Colton ) and I can’t wait to see his seasons, the dates, and where they travel to. If you missed the last two episode don’t worry read this one by Shaffer. Her Bachelor recaps are the BEST.

SEVEN // Making sure that my place smells heavenly at all times and has the right ambiance is very important to me. I’ve found that the combination of glowing candlelight and being surrounded by my favorite scents helps me unwind. I just found a new candle at Target that I can’t get enough off! It’s the Blue Lavender by Signature Soy (I love burning this before bed.