Marie Kondo

I watched Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it as well. The practice called the KonMarie Method is (very, very basically) about methodically going through belongings and cutting back on anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” I love the idea and I’m constantly trying to pare back on what I have, with more or less success.

Now that she has a show on Netflix, it’s taking off like wildfire again. I started watching the episodes on New Years Day and immediately jumped off the couch after watching the first one to start going through my drawers and closet. I didn’t find the show particularly entertaining– instead, more inspiring.

It’s funny because even before knowing about the method, I basically did my own version of it. Mainly, when my grandfather comes from Honduras. I do a big closet/drawers cleanup and give him any clothes I haven’t worn, don’t love anymore, or for any other reason just don’t want to. He then takes them back to Honduras and gives them out to the women in his community.  My folding technique also stayed the same. This is how I’ve always folded clothes for my drawers so I could see everything, but I tried to be more methodical and patient and appreciative of my clothes as I folded, just like Marie Kondo.


As I went through the process, I found that I had a WAY HARDER time letting go of clothes, than books or papers. Clothes, I love.

What I like about the method though is that it’s one-size-fits-all BUT with personalized outcomes. It’s not about being completely minamilist– if that’s not what you like. It’s about keeping and surrounding yourself with things that you like and then allowing that to dictate your space. But at the end of the day, it gives everyone control over their space… and then their lives (which sounds like a stretch, but it’s something I believe in and it definitely was demonstrated on the show).

Even though my grandfather wont be making his next trip until March I decided to tackle my drawers, my closet and desk. My brother also ended up going through his clothes and as a family we went through two closets and the garage. We cleaned out about half our house which felt so so so good. Still lots of work to do but we all do feel so much better about the space in our house.


The Clean out result in a much more organized bedroom and we ended up with three garbage bags of donations (!!!). I really tried to channel my inner Marie Kondo as I held each item to see if it “sparked” something in me.