Coffee Break

I wanted to expand a little on one of my goals for the year. I said I wanted to take control of my spending and part of this comes with reducing the amount of money I spend on things I could easily be doing at home like making coffee.

Every weekend morning I used to go out to buy my coffee before taking Teddy to the park, this was our routine. I really disliked spending money each weekend and using the to-go coffee cups but I had to have my morning coffee (yes I need my coffee each morning). I used to have a coffee maker when I was in school, but it didn’t make it back to CA during the move.

I’ve been eyeing this french press since early November and earlier this month I finally made the purchase.


The french press I came in set with four other item a milk frother, measuring spoon, and a 4 minute timer. It’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made this year! I love how quick it is to make a coffee, literately takes less than 5 minutes.

With my brother now working at Starbucks (which is funny because he doesn’t even drink coffee) he brings home some coffee beans, new flavors every two weeks. They’re not grinded so I also bought the Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder. I choose this one because it’s small and really easy to store and clean. 

I also went ahead and bought a YETI tumbler to replace the typical “to-go cup”. I have found that YETI tumblers do their job really well. Because the coffee stays so hot for so long, I’m able to thoroughly enjoy it without wasting a single drop. I love that I can make my coffee at home and take it to work or to the park and drink it an hour or two later when I’m ready for it. Or savor it throughout the afternoon– every sip as hot as the last.