On My Radar

This week has been a blur. I feel the week just flew by and now we’re at the end of January. One week from today it’ll be Feb 1st!

I went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters this weekend with my family and had a great time. Yes, they’ve been around for ever, but there show is still funny and the kids really enjoyed it. The adults on the other hand were a bit more interested in watching the football games.


Here’s whats been on my radar this week.

ONE // Go Fund Me Page Raises Thousands for Fyre Fetstival Caterer

Maryann Rolle, was the Caterer who never got paid after the Fyre Festival. Her tearful interview in Netflix’s documentary was one of the film’s most gut-wrenching moments. Today the GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $181,000. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see Fyre festival I highly recommend you watch it.

TWO // The Emotional Final Moments Between Pets And Their Owners

As dark as this might sound, I’ve already thought about the day Teddy leaves me and it has reminded me to be as present as I can with him. To make sure I always say good night and to hug him when I come home and he greets me, extra treats, extra few minutes outside, and extra scratches. Those are the moments that make his life special. He’s one special pup and I’m grateful he’s so healthy.

THREE // Sweethearts Candy Conversation Hearts Not Available This Valentine’s Day

I’ll be honest, I never loved to eat these candy’s. I enjoyed reading the message instead, but this is so sad. For the first time on 153 they won’t be available to give out on Valentines Day.

FOUR // New York Mag’s List of Best Pens

Do you have a favorite pen to write with? I sure do. I’m picky when it comes to pens. I really dislike pens that smudge or don’t have a good grip. I was excited to see that my favorite pen (Pentel Vicuña) made the New York Magazine’s list of top pens.

FIVE // Anne Hathaway Just Gave a Major Update About the Princess Diaries 3 

Anne Hathaway had some major news for The Princess Diaries fans about a possible sequel and I’m freaking out over the news! While chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Anne confirmed The Princess Diaries 3 (unofficial title, BTW) is indeed happening.

SIX // China’s Viral Dancing School Principal

You’ve probably already seen this video of a Chinese school principal teaching students a shuffle dance. Here’s the backstory about Principal Zhang, and why he came up with the dance practice that has attracted million online viewers.