January Book Review

Since reading more books is a top priority goal for the year, I wanted to make sure that I started sharing what I’m reading every month on the blog. This will help me stay motivated and accountable.

Books Jan.jpg

Here’s what I read this month:

The Defining Decade //  This book is for anyone in their 20s trying to figure out their life’s direction. It’s a great guide and it’s inspiring and really motivating. I whipped through it and loved every page. I really wish I would have know about it earlier. I keep telling my coworkers and friends they need to read it because I thinks it’s really eye opening.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand // Christina Lauren just writes a really good rom-com/brain candy type book. Was it a little bit predictable? Yeah. Did it keep me up all night anyway? Absolutely. I’ve heard her Love and Other Words book is really good too. Definitely adding it to my book list.

Ghosted // I really loved this book . It’s really cute, is a great love story AND there’s a big juicy twist. Sarah meets Eddie and they spend seven days together and fall in love. They friend each other on Facebook, and make plans to continue their romance, but after parting ways, Eddie just disappears. He stops responding to her emails, texts, and defriends her… vanishes. Her friends tell her to forget about him but she can’t. As it turns out Sarah and Eddie are both hiding big secrets. It’s dramatic and the twist was explosive!

Girl, Wash Your Face // This is a conversational self-help guide that mixes memoir, motivational tips, Bible quotations and common-sense girl talk. It was my audiobook choice for the month and honestly it’s not my type of book. I gave it chance, read through chapter 11 but stopped there. I really enjoyed the first few chapters, they were motivating, but once I got about half way I no longer enjoyed it. I couldn’t agree with some of the things she said so I let it go and moved on to the next one.