On My Radar

Happy February!!…I’m so glad January is finally over.  I’ve been seeing all these memes on social media about how January has a gajillion days and it totally feels like it!

It’s been a rain Jan and we’re expecting a lot more rain this month too, but the rain sure doesn’t stop this pup from wanting to play fetch. Look at that face.


Here’s whats been on my radar:

ONE // Festive Heart Earrings 

HOW cute are these earrings?! I’m clearly into earrings lately and these from St. Armands Designs are just so fun. Plus at $35 they are an absolute STEAL. You’ve gotta get yourself a pair!

TWO // Man is accidentally invited to a bachelor party… and goes.

Seth Meyers shared this story as “the kind of story we need right now” and I 100% agree. Every detail shared made me laugh (especially the matching shirts). I love hearing good spirited stories like this!

THREE // Glass Straws

I hate reusable straws but I love the environment and turtles, so I’m trying this. I have tried other kind of reusable straw but I don’t exactly like the fact you you can’t actually see if there clean. So I ordered these glass straws and so far I feel way less freaked out about them.

FOUR // I’m Still LOLing After Reading this Onion Article

I actually laughed out loud when I read this post.  I have hoarded nearly all of my schoolwork from Preschool through High School.  My mom really wanted to throw out the schoolwork we found while cleaning out our house, but I couldn’t do it!

FIVE // Netflix’s 7 Days Out

Have you watched Netflix’s new docuseries, 7 Day’s Out?!  I binged and watched a handful of them the other night and we were riveted! It’s a series documenting the 7 days before some of the world’s largest events! I’d highly recommend episode 2 & 5. SO.GOOD.

SIX // I Love Looking at the Snow…

I love Frank Somerville. He’s a great news host and he’s hilarious. This week he shared an image on Facebook and I couldn’t agree more. I’m so sorry to all my friends who are experiencing freezing weather, I do hope it gets warmer soon!