Building a Base

After a long running hiatus I’m finally back. I’ve got two big marathons coming up this year and I’m determined to set a new PR, I’m going for under 5 this time. I was 11 minutes over 5 at Boston and I’m really hoping to make it under 5 at the Chicago Marathon.

I started building a base about 4 weeks ago and am feeling so much better about my running.

My first 2 weeks I focused on just getting back to running 3 miles (with some walking). No lie, week 1 was hard but look at all the progress I’ve made over the first 2 weeks!

Week 3 I pushed my running to 4 miles with one long run on the weekend. My body was very sore this week but I managed to run 6 miles on Saturday. My first long run felt AMAZING! I went slow but it felt like one of the easiest runs of my life. I’m looking forward to more great runs like this in the future!

Week 4 I wanted to push past 4 miles because I’m hoping to get a to a point where I can run 5 daily for training. I started with 4.5 but it didn’t last long. I’ve been doing a lot of running and my body started telling me to slow down and take a break. I was constantly sore and starting to feel some pain in my right foot and I didn’t want to push through it because I do not want to get injured. Instead on Thursday I ran one mile and jumped on the elliptical and on Friday I took a nice day off. Saturday I did another 6 mile long run.

By the way I’ve been running almost all my runs on the treadmill…yes, I’m crazy but I LOVE running on it. I am hoping to get out and run outside more often, especially on weekends, so I can start enjoying the summer weather…if we ever get it any.

Here’s a breakdown of my runs:

Week 1:

  • 3 miles 43:40
  • 3 miles – 39:23
  • 3 miles 41:05 min
  • 3 miles 38:34 min
  • 3 miles – 40 min
  • 3 miles – 37:13 min

Week 2:

  • 3 miles – 37:03
  • 3 miles – 35:37
  • 10 mile hike in Big Basin

Week 3:

  • 4 miles – 46:50 min
  • 4 miles – 47:13 min
  • 4.04 miles – 49 min
  • 4 miles – 47:29 min
  • 2 miles – 25:10 min
  • 6 miles – 1hr and 12min

Week 4:

  • 4.5 miles – 52:24 min
  • 4.5 miles – 52:10 min
  • 4 miles – 48:39 min
  • 6 miles – 1hr 9 min