Building a Base Part 2

I have one more week left of base training before I start officially training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon. As of now I’m feeling much better about my running. I’ve lost a few pounds and my daily runs (4-5 miles) feel great.

Here’s a recap of what’s happened between my first base recap and now:

I started one of my weeks with an injury, I was planning to run 4 miles when right before reaching mile 2 I felt some pain in my lower calf. I stopped, walked a bit, and stretched my muscles. I jogged the rest of my two miles and did lots of stretching after the run. The following morning it still felt tight but I did some serious stretching all week and some foam rolling (read this article on the benefits of foam rolling) which really helped the soreness and my calf.

I tried to run 8 miles (been doing 6 for a few weeks now) but I felt like mentally I was not there yet. I did 6 again but am really hoping I can squeeze an 8 mile run before starting the Chicago Marathon training.

I went on a 9.5 mile hike over the holiday weekend. Lots of up hills and did some running. This was also great training for my summer trip!

I’ve never been good at keeping track of my shoe mileage. Over the holiday weekend I got my first pair of new running shoes for Chicago training and got creative with how I’m going to keep track of my shoe mileage.  I’ve opened an account solely to keep track of my running shoes and the mileage they each have. Feel free to follow me if interested to see how I’m now keeping track of the mileage @Shoes_OnThe_Run.

Here’s to one last great base building week and to the start of training next week!