Grown-Up Back to School

Even though my school days are over I still crave school supplies! Every August, I find myself wandering down the school supply isle looking for the perfect highlighters and pens that will change my lifePlease, tell me I’m not the only one who does this!

Today I’m rounding up my favorite grown-up back to school supplies that you can totally and 100% get away with indulging in.  

Grown-Up Back To School.jpg

Grown-Up Back to School

Backpack – I actually used a Longchamp bag while I was in college which was a terrible idea for my left shoulder. But look at this this backpack! It’s so cute. I love this simple style, the color, and it’s large enough to carry your notebooks and supplies!

Ember Coffee Mug – Seriously, it’s amazing. And nothing says back-to-school like a temperature controlled mug.

Corkcicle Lunch Box – Corkcicle just launched a new line of lunch boxes and they are so good!! I love a good lunch box since I am practically always packing snacks wherever I go! I love that they made these look like handbags… so many fun styles and colors to choose from. Obsessed.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – I don’t have a pair of these, but I have friends who  SWEAR by theirs. They really do say they make all the difference. I found this adorable pair (comes in tons of colors!) and think I’ll finally give them a try! If you’re looking for something more customizable, Warby Parker has great (but pricier) options too.

Pastel Highlighters – I talked about these over on stories earlier this week, but they are that awesome. These are the perfect highlighters and worth every single penny. Not too dark, not too light, and all the “good” colors.

Custom Stationery – I am and always will be on ‘team stationery’. I love snail mail, especially when you receive a letter that you weren’t expecting. In my opinion you can NEVER go wrong with a hand written note! Custom stationery can be very expensive, but after a little digging on Etsy, I came across these and they’re adorable! A set of 10 for $18 is a total steal!

Personalized Journal – I’m an avid journal-er and do it every single day. It’s my favorite time of day, truthfully! And there is nothing I love more than scooping up a new journal. I just found this Etsy site that does these gorgeous personalized journals for under $20. I’m obsessed. They come in tons of colors – so worth it!!