On My Radar

I have had the busiest week but it’s finally Friday and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to watch Britney Runs a Marathon, walk Teddy, have some dinner, read, and might even call it an early night (I’m seriously exhausted from this week).


Here’s whats on my radar:

ONE // Why reading is so good for you

This is a short but helpful article if you’re trying to get back into reading. I made it a goal to try to read a book a month and have majorly failed. With only a few months left in the year I really want to make it habit of reading at least 30 minutes before bed and so far, this week, I’ve been doing it!

I recently stated following Elena Nicolaou’s instagram account (WARNING you’ll want to order all the books here!) and it’s keeping motivated. I’ll read through her captions to gets a gist of the books and then save the post if I’m interested in the book. Once I’m ready for a new book recommendation I go back to the saved posts and purchase or rent the book from the library.

TWO // Little Woman Trailer

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wildly excited about the new Little Women trailer! It’s got an amazing an cast with Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern! The trailer looks so, so good. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it to come out!

THREE // How to Take A Compliment

In college I had a mentor who once told me, never be afraid to take a compliment. I strongly believe this is one of the best pieces of advise I’ve received to this day. Taking a compliments gives one a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. With this being said I recently read this blog post by Jess and I think she gave a great explanation on how and why we should take a compliment.

FOUR // Homemade Snickers

Molly Yeh is one of my favorite food blogs to follow. Her recipes are super easy to follow and her recipes are delicious! Her homemade snickers look divine. And they’re no-bake! Would be a fun weekend project if you’re in the mood to bake.

FIVE // Hilary Duff to Star in Lizzie McGuire Reboot from Disney+

This is one of the best television news I’ve heard in a while… Lizzie McGuire is coming back!!! I used to love the show so that alone has me excited about a reboot. BUT, knowing how great Hilary Duff is in Younger has me even more excited about it. Apparently Lizzie will be 30 living in Brooklyn during the series.