Watch, Skip, or Binge

What to Watch

3ce4b93cfebd4281217dcd213dc0a4f2Little Women 

 I went and saw Little Women last week and LOVED IT. I’ve seen the original one and was always disappointed when it ended but the new one has a new ending which made the entire film worth watching multiple times!

What to Binge


Cheer! –Netflix

This is a six-part docu-series from Netflix about a community college’s competitive cheerleading squad, which has become one of the most talked-about shows so far this year.


Cheers –Netflix

This is a show from the 1980’s and for some reason it came up on my Netflix profile. I watched the first two episodes and loved it! I t one of those shows where you’ll catch yourself laughing at the silliest lines. I’ll admit I binged watch the first few seasons (there are 11) and then have slowed down once one of my favorite character left. I’m still trying to finish the series.


Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez – Netflix

I first heard about Aaron Hernandez through a podcast, Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc., which came out back in 2018. I was super intrigued. The Boston Globe did a a great amount of research and shared all about Arron Hernandez his life and how football became a blessing and a curse on his life. Netflix this year came out with a great three-part documentary series which I enjoyed because it was much more visual and they shared more on the injuries football causes to the brain and also on how hard it is for gay players to come out. 


The Circle –Netflix

I think the best way to describe this show is that it’s a reality show where “Big Brother” meets “Catfish”. When I started watching episodes were still coming out weekly, but now that they’re all out go for the binge and make sure not to jump ahead. I promise the ending is worth the wait.


Glow Up – Netflix

This is a competition series where aspiring makeup artists navigate colorful challenges to win a career-making opportunity in the beauty industry. This was such a fun show to watch. It was exciting to see how artistic people could be with make up on the face.

What to Skip


Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up – Netflix

I was really just interested to hear about two major things that have happened to Kevin Heart, his cheating scandal and his accident. However, I was disappointed when I found out that the accident was never covered. The six episodes, promoted his upcoming projects and showed how hard he works to keep his businesses afloat, all while trying to keep in touch with his friends and family on his road to success. What could the series have shown? Perhaps more of Hart taking responsibility for his well-publicized mistakes, instead of going on about how “perfection doesn’t exist.”