On My Radar

This is my first on my radar of the year (!!!) but late is better than never, right?


ONE // Kobe Bryant’s Memorial & Female Empowerment

I spent Monday night crying, I watched Kobe Bryant’s 2 hour service, and literately was so sad! I was so impressed with Vanessa and her courage to speak but also so touched by Kobe Influence on women in basketball and sports.

TWO // Glitter Bomb vs Package Thief

Thankfully we haven’t had a problem with out packages getting stolen and I can’t imagine how you feel when something like that happens. When watched this I thought this was brilliant. I wish I was smart and creative enough to create something like this and the home alone reference was a nice touch!

THREE // JCrew Rain Coat

We’re not getting much rain here so I wouldn’t have much use of this rain coat but I love it. I love the bright colors, makes me hopeful that spring is soon to come! And it’s on sale.

FOUR // Baby girl glaring at doctors

This Baby! What a picture and a glare…