Social Distancing



Reading is such an important activity for people to engage in regularly. It is the perfect escape. If you’re bogged down by the news (like I am), reading is a great way to counteract that stress. With the internet and phones and tablets, you don’t have to venture out to bookstores to get a great book.


I could spend hours watching Youtube videos/series. I love that companies are using Youtube as extensions of their brands and the content they put out is high quality. Sure, there are still a ton of home-movie quality videos, but there are accounts that invest in their content and you can spend days watching it all.


Obviously this goes without mentioning, but streaming content is always a good idea too. Below are some of my favorite series with lots of seasons/episodes that you can binge.

The Office, The Crown, Mad Men, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, Big Little Lies, Friday Night Lights. 


No need to travel to view some incredible museums from around the world. Here’s a round up from Travel & Leisure sharing museums you can do virtual walk throughs of.


This could be a great time to brush up on the language you took in school or learn a new one! I jumped in and started learning Greek and so far it’s been a ton of fun to learn a new language without being graded and it’s free!


I’ll be the first to admit I was never interested in meditating and honestly thought of is as a waste of time. But I gave it a chance and have now embraced it and so far I have no regrets. This won’t entertain you for a huge chunk of time, but definitely try to commit to doing the three 10-day “basics” courses to get into it.


There are tons of ways to be active without leaving your home. I starting my morning with a light 1 mile run around the block and then mixing in some HIT class too. Right now there are tons of great options and free trials happening. Runners World published and has been updating their list on workout apps that currently have free trials. 


When in doubt? Tackle your closets, drawers, pantries, or cabinets. I felt a little bit of this “nesting” mode kicking this weekend already.


Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be completely home-bound. Getting outside should be a priority every day. I am 100% going to use this time to tackle some of the early spring yard work that needs to be done.


I fully plan on getting some of my favorite crafting done. Crafting is a great stress release and a fun way to put your hands to good use instead of social scrolling.


I always have ingredients for baking stocked up. I have a feeling I’ll be stress-baking frequently over the coming weeks.

What will you do while practicing social distancing?