5 Tips For Working From Home

Because of coronavirus many people, including myself, are now working from home.

Obviously many people aren’t working for themselves and everyone is going to have a different experience depending on what they actually do for a living. I’m going to try to share tips that have worked for me in the past in the hopes that maybe one or two can help you make the transition easier.

Something worth nothing, this is my firs time working from home for an extended period of time. The tips I’m sharing are based on my past work from home schedule which has really only been two days a week. If you’d like to read some other tips from full time bloggers you can read them here, here, and here.

Also worth noting, I have no children only dogs, so I can’t offer help on how to work from home while your children are also home from school. But I am sending you all the positive vibes because I know this will be an added difficulty to your new routine.


Here are some bloggers who have shared some tips and activity:

1. Be patient with yourself & with your colleagues
If this is a new change for you, it mostly likely is new to your boss and colleagues so I encourage you all to take this change one day at a time. Things are constantly changing (hopefully getting better, sometimes getting worse) but the bright side in this is that we are all in this together. Take this first week easy as you try to figure out how this is all going to work.

2. Set a schedule.
Setting a schedule is going to look different for everyone. If you have meetings already on your calendar, use them to your advantage, to set the rest of your schedule. If you have more flexibility, come up with a game plan for the day and stick to it as best you can. I personally like to set my schedule so the most tedious tasks are done first thing in the morning because it’s when I’m most alert and then as the day wears on I move on to easier things.

3. Have a morning routine and stick to an end time.
I am 100% a morning person. I wake up around 6am and I jump right into my mourning routine. I personally have found that my morning routine mentally prepares me for the day.

Setting an end time will likely be the hardest part of working from home because your home has now become your office. When you work in an office, there’s almost always a differentiation between when you leave the office and you switch from work mode to home mode. The line becomes a lot blurrier without the commute so I encourage you to keep to what used to be your “regular office hours” and unplug or log off  at your designated time would be if you were still in the office.

4. Schedule something socially-minded after work.
I am not suggesting you go out (please don’t: stay in.), but schedule something at the end of the day to get that social touch in. Facetime with friends, do a Google Hangout, call your family. Talk it out with someone.

5. Limit social media.
It’s easy to find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone. You may be dialing into conference calls that would have been normal in-person meetings otherwise but now you can mute your microphone and scroll through social media instead of paying attention. Or maybe that 10 minute Insta-break somehow turned into 45 minutes. Use your phone’s screen time controls to limit your social media usage throughout the day if you can’t control your scrolling.

P.S. Make your bed