“Stay at Home and Keep Busy” List

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before but I love creating lists, especially during times like these, time of uncertainty and where my anxiety and stress runs high. I love brain dumping and the feeling of accomplishment when you cross the item off.

I created a “Stay at home list” to keep me focused and busy during this quarantine.


We’re still not sure how long this will last so I may be adding more to this list but here’s what I’be got so far.

Get Organized

  1. Clean up the back yard and do some gardening. (We’ve done a lot of gardening).
  2. Playhouse & Toy Car makeover.
  3. Finish our Taxes.
  4. Organize Google Photos.
  5. Order a Photo Album.
  6. Order gift for upcoming Wedding.
  7. Plan my next Chicago Trip.
  8. Clean my desk.
  9. Clean out fridges (yes, “s”, we’ve got 3!).
  10. Clean out the cars.
  11. Start publishing more posts here!

Support Others

  1. Drop off supplies at the animal shelter.
  2. Buy gift cards Hospital Employee’s we know and thank them for their work.
  3. Order food from small/open restaurants.


  1. Find an at-home workout you like or start going on some runs. (I gave in and purchased a Peloton and am training for a half marathon with a co-worker!)
  2. Take a long bath with a light candle, a glass of wine, and Enya playing. (Judge all you want.)
  3. Start re-using Headspace.
  4. Try a Hair Mask to restore my curls and avoid heating products.
  5. Do a face mask.
  6. Try one new Peloton instructor a week.

Just for Fund (3/7)

  1. Read all those books you’ve been meaning to read
    1. I’m also looking forward to reading some of the books on this list. 
  2. Start learning a new language with Duolingo
  3. Complete my first needlepoint project.
  4. Learn how to make bread. (I’ve been making sourdough bread).
  5. Send out hand written letters to friends.
  6. Paint Room. (I painted my room white!).
  7. Prepare to throw a virtual Grad party for our family grads. (We had a small family gathering to celebrate their accomplishments).