Watch, Skip, or Binge

With COVID-19 and the stay at home order in place I did more watching TV this month then I would have liked to do. However, there are many great shows and movies available for streaming and movies that were in theaters are quickly being released to streaming services!

In addition to my Watch, Skip, Binge List I also wanted to round up a list of my favorite TV shows. This list could definitely be a LOT longer, but I wanted to highlight just a few things I really love, to keep it manageable. Scroll down to the bottom for this list.

Also, if you haven’t yet try out Netflix Party try it with friends! The only downfall is you have to download it via chrome.


All the Bright Places // Netflix

We need more movies like this one about mental health and the power of love. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith were great in this!

Bombshell // Rent on Amazon or Apple TV

Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie stared in this messy messy tale about the fall of Roger Ailes. I wasn’t very familiar with this story before the movie and found myself reading hours about it once I finished the movie. It’s all about women empowerment in the post #MeToo world.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood // Rent on Amazon or Apple TV

Tom Hanks does an amazing job playing Mister Rogers. In this movie he comes to the aid of a suffering magazine writer. It’s a movie of self reflection, it make you want to be a better person.

The Farewell // Amazon

FYI make sure you have tissues with you when you watch this. This is difficult to watch but it’s worthwhile. I loved how it captured the awfulness but also the ridiculousness of family.

Lost Girls // Netflix

I had a hard time rating this movie, but I think I’m going to keep it here and let you decide. It started out great and caught my interest but I wasn’t happy with the ending and I felt like I had soooo many questions at the end of the movie.


Spencer Confidential // Netflix

I honestly thought this was a very unimpressive, lazily-plotted movie, it had some funny moments but in my opinion I find it to be an easily forgettable action comedy. Disappointing because I like Mark Wahlberg.


Lego Masters // on Fox or catch up on Hulu

I was never really into Lego’s as a child but my brother was obsessed. I was about 12 when we went to Legoland and although I felt very old at the park I remember being amazed at the cities and life sized cars that were created all with Lego pieces. This show is similar to Nailed it! (also highly recommended) where different Lego builders create items according to the weeks theme.

Little Fires Everywhere // Hulu

If you loved the book watch this. If you haven;t read the book, read it and then watch it or just watch it. I LOVE this show! Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are phenomenal. There are four episodes currently our, new episodes come out on Hulu every Wednesday.

Tiger King // Netflix

Tiger King is one wild adventure, and I cannot recommend it enough. Warning this could be hard to watch for anyone who is a strong animal rights advocate.

100 Humans // Netflix

On 100 humans 3 scientists gathered One hundred people from diverse backgrounds to participate in experiments. This is fun family show.

What are your favorite shows… and maybe more importantly… what’s your quarantine binge?