5 Things That are Keeping Me Sane Right Now


1. Taking it one day at a time.

This is probably the one I struggle with the most. I hate not knowing whats coming next and I am 100% a planner but right now I have to remind myselft that I have to let my planning mentally go. I can’t know and I won’t know what is coming tomorrow or next week or next month. I need to focused on today and getting through my tasks for the day.

2. Enjoying morning coffee 

I’ve always looked forward to my morning coffee, but now I’ve been trying to savor that time even more so. I have nowhere to be and a much looser schedule to follow so it’s been nice to just sit with my coffee for 30 minutes before staring my day.

3. Writing out to-do lists.

I live for my to-do lists, so it’s no surprise how helpful I’m finding them now.  I’ve been writing out my to-do list now the night before. I like doing this because it gives me something to look forward to.

4. Avoiding watching too much news.

I used to wake up, make my coffee and watch the news until I left for work. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t listen to any more updated on the COVID-19 cases and death numbers. Instead I’m sticking to Good Morning America, where they focus on how to get through this, a more positive aspect on whats happening, and on getting my news online now.

5. Texting with friends.

Everyone’s working from home and I think work for everyone has slowed down a bit so there’s more time to catch up and chat. Whether it’s checking in to see how someone is feeling, sharing a funny meme, or switching to FaceTime just to see their face.

What’s keeping you sane?