On My Radar


“You are not working from home: You’re trying to get work done at home in extraordinary circumstances.”

The quote I shared above really resonated with me this week. I know many of you all are probably on a similar roller coaster of emotions, like me, so this is just a reminder to be gentle with yourself.

The highlight of my week was doing hosting a virtual happy hour with some sister through Zoom. It was really nice to see some virtual faces, play games, and we made a Tik Tok Video!  I loved that we were able to really connect and we were on such a roll we ended up doing it for close to two hours. We’ve all decided that we want to do it again soon. I’ll share some planning ideas soon too!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Making Your Own Yeast

I think everyone jumped on the same “Bake Bread” bandwagon because there is no more yeast available to purchase! I haven’t made bread yet but was planning to this weekend but I’m now looking for ways to make my own yeast. I’ve been reading some articles but this one is the easiest one to follow in my opinion. If anyone has more ideas please send them my way.

TWO // Why Does Tik Tok Makes You Feel Old

Sure, I’m getting older, but I don’t feel very old yet. However, Tik Tok does make me feel old so this was an interesting article to read.

THREE // 20 New Things to Try

Looking to master something or try your hand at a new hobby? Meghan asked a bunch of her friends for what skills they’ve learned over the years– tons of things to keep you busy!

FOUR // Some Good News with John Krasinski

My brother and I LOVE the office. This was so exciting watch. I loved the reunion piece and it was definitely some good news we needed!

FIVE // Stay Home, Take Care.

This is a new little site and I love it so much – they’re calling it a “social distancing care package. Every day it is updated with new activities, recommendations, and ideas to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others. I love that you can filter it based on how you are looking to feel (comforted, entertained, connected, etc!)