4 Ways You Can Safely Brighten Someone’s Day During Social Distancing


1. Send love notes

Bring back the days of having snail mail pen pals! Buy yourself some cute stationary and sparkly gel pens and start corresponding with those you miss most. Everyone loves receiving mail

2. Make them a playlist

Remember the days of burning cds for your friends or making mixtapes? It was a true sign of affection and friendship. Make your loved ones an uplifting playlist on Spotify to let them know you’re thinking about them.

3. Decorate your exterior

There’s a trend right now of people putting up Christmas lights, rainbows, and teddy bears to spread cheer during this “quarantine,” but if you don’t feel like busting those back out already, get creative with chalk and create a cheerful message on the sidewalk or driveway in front of your space. There are so many people taking walks these days that it’s sure to be seen and brighten someone’s day.

4. Put together self-care baskets

If you’re able to support small businesses right now, curating a self-care basket for your loved ones is a great option that not only spreads cheer, but also helps local business owners during a stressful time. Fill a basket with your favorite self-care items like snacks, beauty products, candles and wine. If businesses aren’t open to the public but you still want to support them, buy a gift card so you can still help financially and the recipient can use it later.