On My Radar

Cooper and Teddy have been very good companions during this quarantine but this week has been really tough on my mental health. I’ve been in a funk since Monday and today I’m finally feeling like I’m getting over it.


Here’s whats been on my radar this week:

ONE // Pixar Zoom Backgrounds

Earlier this week Pixar released a few zoom backgrounds from Pixar movies like Coco, Brave, Bugs Life, Wall-E and a few others.

TWO // Virtual Performances

Last week I shared the first episode of “Some Good News with John Krasinski” and this week he did something really special. He got the entire original cast of Hamilton to perform a song!  Good Morning America hosted a performance by Disney’s Broadway Theatrics, they performed “Go the Distance”.

THREE // A Beginner’s Guide to Needlepoint

I’ve jumped on the needlepoint bandwagon. However, I’m not new to needlepointing, my grandmother taught me how to needlepoint, croche, and knit when I was younger but I’m now reteaching myself. For those that are new to it, here’a great PDF with all the basics you need to get started with needlepoint. It’s the best guide I’ve ever seen… the photos and diagrams are SO HELPFUL!!!!

FOUR // Disney Recipes

Disney has been releasing some magical recipes for us to try to recreate at home. They just recently shared their churro recipe which my cousins recreated and they were delicious. I’ve also spotted the Dole whip recipe which I’ll have to try to recreate at home soon!