Games to Play with Family

I’ve always love a good night in with family and our favorite board games, and I like them even MORE so right now with everything going on!


I figured it would be a fun post to share which games are at the top of our list.  Whether you’re trying to keep busy, looking for a date night in, hosting a virtual game night, or hosting a game night (after all of this passes!), then these games should definitely be considered!


You can’t ever go wrong with Scrabble. Classic and timeless, for a good reason! We always keep this on hand!

It’s in the Bag

This is a super fun game that you can involve the kids with! It’s easy to travel with + super straight forward.

Cards Against Humanity

This card game is a classic (for adults only), but I feel like it’s *always* a good time when you play this! If you’re wanting something similar, but with a twist, What Do You Meme is the same concept, except you answer with meme cards! It’s low key hilarious.

Code Names

Codenames checks all the boxes we want in an all-consuming board game—think James Bond meets Clue. There are different versions, if you have kids, there’s a Disney version, or play the picture version (harder but still so much fun!).


With so much out of our power right now, Catan lets you kinda-sorta reclaim a sense of control. If you’ve never played the game before, it works like this: Collect and trade valuable resources like wheat and stone to grow your empire.


A classic murder mystery game that constantly reinvents itself—from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones. Start with the original, then work your way through the other sets (if you’re really trying to kill time).

What are some games you’re playing at home?