Building a Base

Building a Base

After a long running hiatus I'm finally back. I've got two big marathons coming up this year and I'm determined to set a new PR, I'm going for under 5 this time. I was 11 minutes over 5 at Boston and I'm really hoping to make it under 5 at the Chicago Marathon. I started [...]

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads

The Eagles won the 2018 Super Bowl, but in my opinion these ads won the commercial breaks. Amazon - Alexa Loses Her Voice TD Ameritrade’s -All Evening Long Doritos vs. Mountain Dew with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman  Touchdown Celebration with Eli Manning and Odel Beckham, Jr. Danny DeVito and M&M  Which other ads did you [...]

Let’s Go Giants!!

No not NY Giants, but San Francisco Giants! Yes, I know today is Sunday Football, but today I'm thinking about Baseball! Baseball has been one of my favorite sport games to watch since I was little. I think my passion for baseball really grew when I started playing softball. I love attending games and lucky [...]

Giants 5K

Yes, it's been a few days since I've been here, but I'm back and I'm taking you back in time to September 10 & 11! September 10, 2016 On September 20 we drove up to San Francisco and had a beautiful out in the city. We picked up some coffee and headed to the AT& [...]