72 Hours in Arizona

I had only made one trip to the southwest before when I went to visit a college roommate, but since then her family has moved, so for this trip I really didn’t have a clear idea what to expect… but let me sum up the trip for you in one word: Awesome! Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Page were great cities with a laid back vibe. They are cities full of personality, beauty, sunshine, and delicious tacos. We were only in Arizona for a few days but managed to fit a lot of fun (and tacos!) into the trip.

Day 1 – Tacos in Scottsdale

All we had was breakfast, some coffee at the airport and we missed lunch, so we were starving by the time we got done at the Scottsdale Stadium.

For Dinner, we went to possibly the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to, Diego Pops.


This place was amazing. The decor was nicely styled; a mixture of southwestern, art deco, and modern. In addition to indoor seating, it had a huge outdoor patio that was packed for happy hour.



We decided to go all out and order muchos tacos and the chips and guac.

As for the tacos, we really couldn’t go wrong. We got the braised green chili chicken taco, the plantain taco, and the shrimp taco, and they were all equally amazing.

Day 2 – Sedona

After our morning 10K we left Scottsdale and drove to Sedona.



While doing my research for this trip I knew that in Sedona there would be no better way to explore the desert than getting into a pink 4×4 and off roading it. That left  me with only one choice: booking an off road adventure with Pink Jeep Tours Sedona.

I went with Pink Jeep because they offered and exclusive tour that took us through the Cayote Canyon area as well as along the “Scenic Rim” around Sedona.

Our tour began in “Downtown Sedona” where we met our driver and fellow passengers. We were quickly swept into our jeep and headed for the city limits. Within just a few minutes of our tour beginning, we were out of the city and headed towards the scenic rim of rocks that so beautifully surrounds the city.






View from noll on Airport Rd. we went about 20 minutes before sun set. As we were leaving everyone started pulling in. If you plan on going go early. Also, there’s a $3 charge for parking.




No words have ever made me happier. It was bumpy, rough, jostling, and awesome!

We didn’t stay in sedona for sunset because we wanted to go explore Jerome “ghost town” but by the time we made it to the town we were realized we were all really tired and ready to just get back to the hotel, but here are some shots I managed to get as we were leaving Sedona.



Day 3 – Lower Antelope Canyons and Grand Canyon

Early Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and drove 4 hours out to Page. There we took at a tour to the Lower Antelope Canyon with Ken’s Tour.

I had a fantastic time on this tour. This was a quick, easy, and unforgettable adventure in Page.

It was about an hour and half long but worth every minute. When we got to the lot we checked in and waited about 15 minutes for our group to get called (Each group had about 15 members and a guide).

*the website says they allow backpacks, they won’t allow your backpack unless you have a hydration pack in it (unless your camelback tube is sticking out).

We walked out from the main building and down some stairs the canyon. As we descended below ground, one (terrifyingly small) step after another, I was convinced we’d left planet Earth.

Displaying IMG_1677.jpg

This was def one of my favorite activities during this trip. The Canyon was incredible, around every turn there was different shade of beauty.

Displaying IMG_1595.jpg

Displaying IMG_1573.jpg

Displaying IMG_1579.jpg


I can’t tell you enough…if you’re ever close enough to visit antelope canyon, you MUST go. I promise you won’t regret it.

Our last stop on Sunday was to the Grand Canyon National Park.


During the winter months the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is closed, so we went out towards the South Rim, which has incredible panoramic views of the Canyons.




We only stayed in the park for about two hours, which was not enough time. I’d love to come back and spend a few days at the Canyon to really explore it, but I thought the South rim was a great first visit.

Giants Race: Scottsdale 10K


Scottsdale 2018 – 10K Race

This was my first time in Scottsdale for the Giants 10K race and my mom’s second.

On Friday We flew from San Francisco at 11am and arrived in Phoenix around 2:30pm. We rented a car and made our way to the hotel.

We stayed at the Comfort Suites, nothing real fancy, but we weren’t needing anything extraordinary. My mom and I worked on a real nice itinerary which kept us busy through out the entire weekend. The room was nice and had all the needed amenities and it had a two pools, a jacuzzi, and complimentary breakfast, plus it was only a 7 minute walk from the Stadium (the starting line of the race) and 10 minutes from Old Town Scottsdale.


This year there was no expo.I was bummed they didn’t have an expo and so was my mom.  The last time she came to the Scottsdale race they had a real nice expo with many vendors and activities. All they had was the packet pick up and they sold some merchandise (shirts, shorts, and hats) outside the stadium.

I ended up purchasing two shirts (the two on left) and the one on the right came in our race day packet along with our bib.


We had to make a last minute change to our flight out from San Francisco so we didn’t get to Scottsdale until late in the afternoon. However, next year I would love to come earlier to catch a game and to hopefully see more players!

This year I got to see and meet Brandon Crawford and Javier Lopez.


Saturday morning was race day! My mom and I woke up early to get dressed . nd ready for the race!

It was about 45 degrees when we walked over to the starting line and then got much hotter through out the race, by the time we got back to the hotel it was already 71 degrees.


This was a really small race, not many runners, but I really enjoyed it. This was like an old school race, meaning there were no corrals. It was also really nice to run in a race where I didn’t have to swerve and run through people during the first two miles.


The course it self was pretty nice, we ran next to the stadium, next to a gold course and through parts of a neighborhood. The 10K runners did two loops, the final loop we did with the 5K runner/walkers.

This is what the course looked like:

Before going to bed on Friday nigh I looked up what my previous 10K times were on Athlinks. My best 10K time was way back in 2006, my time was 1:09:04 (11:09 pace). I made it a goal to set a new PR and I did it! I totally crushed it! 2018 Results say I finished the race with a time of 56:29 (9:06 pace).


After celebrating my new PR I walked over to get some water and my first Scottsdale Giants Race medal and our Scottsdale Bobblehead.

Overall, I had a great time running my first Scottsdale Giants Race and I can’t wait to come back next year for another fantastic race!


Magnolia Market at the Silos

It’s no surprise that I am head over heels over Chip and Jo! From their heart, to their beautiful family, to their renovated farm-style homes.  I love them! So, when Delaney proposed that we meet at Austin and drive to Waco for a reunion, I jumped right up and booked my ticket!

Magnolia Market at the Silos is a place where visitors have the unique opportunity to see a show they’ve grown to love come to life.  HGTV’s Fixer Upper launched Joanna and Chip Gaines into the national spotlight. Since the show’s success, they’ve expanded on their initial Magnolia Market concept which began as the Little Shop on Bosque and turned it into the beautiful 2.6 acre property that it is today.

The property, located in the heart of downtown Waco, is home to the Market itself, Silos Baking Co., food trucks, a garden, Magnolia Seed + Supply, the big green lawn, and much more. There is so much to see and enjoy everywhere you go on the beautiful Silos grounds.

IMG_8254.JPGIMG_8269.JPGFullSizeRender (37).jpgIMG_8518.JPGIMG_8285.JPGFullSizeRender (24).jpgFullSizeRender (29).jpgFullSizeRender (27).jpgFullSizeRender (26).jpgFullSizeRender (28).jpgFullSizeRender (25).jpgFullSizeRender (30).jpgIMG_8337.JPGIMG_8340.JPGFullSizeRender (35).jpgIMG_8270.JPGIMG_8271.JPGFullSizeRender (34).jpgIMG_8490.JPGIMG_8363.JPGIMG_8492.JPGIMG_8581 (1).JPGFullSizeRender (31).jpgIMG_8502.JPGIMG_8378.JPGIMG_8371.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgIMG_8418.JPGIMG_8414.JPGFullSizeRender (40).jpg

IMG_8391.JPGFullSizeRender (43).jpgIMG_8509.JPGIMG_8506.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender_2.jpgIMG_8465.JPGFullSizeRender_1.jpgIMG_8460.JPGIMG_8467.JPGFullSizeRender (39).jpgIMG_8562.JPGIMG_8570.JPGIMG_8582.JPG





Austin, TX

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Over the weekend Delaney and I traveled to Austin, Texas. I had never been there before and it was towards the top of my travel bucket list. We had an amazing time eating, drinking, and exploring our way through the city! It’s such a fun city, full of unique restaurants, bars, boutiques and street art.

I wish we could have spent more time there because three days was not enough! I loved everything that Austin had to offer. The fresh air, friendly people, and the endless activities. There is so much to do and I cannot wait to head back and explore other parts of the city. Have you been to Austin? If so, let me know what you loved the most in the comments below! Happy Travels!

Where to Stay // Austin has all of the regular hotel chains if you’re looking for a cheap place to crash at night. There are plenty hotels downtown within walking distance to restaurants, bars, nightlife, and tourist attractions. When we go back, I want to check out the Hotel van Zandt or Heywood Hotel.

Where to Eat // Hillside Farmacy – This restaurant could easily get by on its good looks alone. It has an antique-chic vibe with eclectic, yet modern décor. We had brunch there and it was amazing! The menu at Hillside is simple, classic American, but the execution of every dish takes it up a notch.

Food Trucks –  The food truck scene is like no other in Austin. They are all over the city and serve quality, restaurant style meals.

Voodoo Doughnuts –  The donuts are mouth watering and definitely not your run of the mill chain flavor. Voodoo only accepts cash. Even though there is an ATM in store, save yourself the fees and bring some before. ​

FullSizeRender (1).jpgaustin-15.jpgaustin-11.jpgFullSizeRender (2).jpgWhere to Play // Maximize the day by exploring Austin’s arts, music, historic and cultural sites. The Instagram worthy ‘Greetings from Austin’ mural is on 1720 S. First Street.  Definitely swing by  South Congress Ave and take a picture in front of the ‘I love you so much’ mural on the outer wall. Walk off some of the delicious food, ride bikes, or rent a canoe and paddle around the lake.

Hunt for Austin’s Iconic Murals – The HOPE Outdoor Gallery isn’t the only place to find awesome street art in Austin. Throughout the city you’ll find plenty of Instagram-worthy murals that are just as fun to photograph. “You’re My Butter Half”, “Greetings From Austin”, “I Love You So Much”. You just can’t leave Austin without catching a few yourself. You can find a great guide to Austin’s most famous street art here.

Watch the Congress Avenue Bats Fly – Every evening during “bat season“, just after sunset, 1.5 million bats descend from under the Congress Avenue Bridge to do their nightime hunting. It’s said to be the largest urban bat colony in North America! And it’s quite a sight to see. I had no idea so many people would be there to see these bats! Sure enough, just after sunset, the bats started to make their way out of the bridge in a flurry (though it was hard to capture on camera!)

Inner Space Cavern – Inner Space Cavern. One of the best preserved caves in Texas and one of the few places where remains of prehistoric animals were unearthed.

Lake Travis Zipline – This Austin Outdoor Zipline Adventure has 5 zip lines ranging from 250 feet to the longest zipline in Texas – over 2000 feet. While waiting between each zip, you will enjoy amazing views of Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country. Your professionally trained tour guides offer education and fun throughout your challenging hikes and nature walks. For the grand finale, imagine launching off a cliff 20 stories high and zipping over 2000 feet across beautiful Lake Travis.

Take a drive to Waco and see Fixer Upper’s Magnolia Market –  We flew into Austin and drove down to Waco ! It was fun to see the store, food trucks and overall atmosphere. You can see more pics in this post!

FullSizeRender (4).jpgIMG_8766FullSizeRender (6)IMG_8870.JPGFullSizeRender (7).jpgtmp630437376727973888.jpgIMG_9214.JPGYourPhoto_0018



Backpacking Through Yosemite and Climbing Half Dome

Earlier this year I signed up with Sports Basement to go backpacking through Yosemite and climb Half Dome…and this past weekend I did it!

I spent three days backpacking and I climbed all the way up to the top of Half Dome!

I had the most amazing time on this backpacking trip with a group of eight backpackers (six first timers and two guides).
There was so much that happened through this trip, so below I did a little day by day overview with lots of pictures.

Day 1

Six backpackers, including my self, all met at the Glacier Point parking lot where we got the run down of the trip by our two fabulous guides from Sports Basement, Damon and Zach. After some introductions and safety tips they taught us how to properly pack our bags, how to take them on and off, and how to adjust them so we didn’t carry the weight of the 40 pound packs on our backs.

Yes! Our bags really did weigh 40 pounds…we each carried group gear (bear canister with either food, water filters, and cooking supplies) and our personal items (tent, sleeping bag & pad, headlamp, day pack, clothes, mess kit, sunscreen & insect repellent, power bars and at least 3 liters of water).

After getting our bags ready and eating lunch, we got on the trail and started our 4 mile downhill trek towards the Illilouette River where we then set up camp.


View of Half Dome from Glacier Point.


40 pounds all in here!



Illilouette River


Sunset – Day 1 at camp.



Day 2

After packing up our gear and eating breakfast (coffee and oatmeal) we got back on the trail and made our way towards Little Yosemite Valley. This was a 5 mile challenging hike under the hot sun – it got up to 98 degrees this day!


Through our hike we also got a chance to see the amazing Nevada Falls.

It had so much water rushing through it, I was stunned.





Once we arrived at the valley we made camp, had lunch,  and as a group we decided to avoid the hottest hours of the day to pass and hike up Half Dome at 3 pm which gave us time to explore and nap!

Around 2:30 pm we all prepped our day packs, packing our snacks, at least 3L of water, our rain gear (just in case it started raining), and headlamps. By 3 pm,  we were on our way to Half Dome.

Sub-Dome was by far the scariest moment of the trip. I have never really been scared of heights (I mean…I’ve been skydiving before), but I felt extremely nervous hiking up it. I couldn’t look out at the view, I kept my eyes set on the ground focusing on next step I was about to take. It wasn’t until we started hiking down when I looked out and saw the breathtaking views.

2017-07-08 19.53.08.jpg

Views from Sub-Dome.


The cables…I’ve got to say…I thought this was going to be the hardest part of the climb and boy was I wrong. This was one of the EASIEST parts of the hike.

I felt pretty foolish because I was so nervous the entire day thinking “how am I going to get all the way to the top” and my stomach butterflies really kicked in when I saw them. Our two guides kept reassuring us that they really aren’t bad…and they were right.

Before climbing up we all got in a line- three backpackers, a guide, three backpackers and a guide. They had me leading the pack…and as soon as my hand gripped the cable I was flying up! My adrenaline kicked in and I was zooming through the cables!

It took me about 15 minutes to get to the top of Half Dome and I was breath-taken by view (I’ll upload the video I took with my GoPro later this week). A few minutes later the rest of the group joined me in taking in the amazing view at the top of Half Dome.

***Key to getting up the cables: lean back and pull up with your arms and then legs. Leaning forwards will only cause you to slip.

We took pictures, celebrated, and then headed down just as the sun was setting – the views were breathtaking. Half Dome.jpg


2017-07-08 18.39.44.jpg





Day 3

Our last day was by far the hardest hike…we had a 9 mile uphill hike back to our cars at Glacier Point.

We slept in on Sunday, ate breakfast, packed up all our gear and were out of the Little Yosemite Valley heading towards the Illilouette River where we would have lunch.

At the river we had lunch, filled out waters and dipped our feet in the water (the guys found a little pool to cool off in). We then grabbed our bags and were on our way back to Glacier Point to finish this trip…and after hours in the sun carrying our 40 pound bags we made it to Glacier Point and celebrated with some ice cream from the gift shop!


We did it!


The AMAZING group that traveled with me to Half Dome


I have to say…this backpacking really kicked my butt. The hills, mosquitos, sub-dome, and the pure elevation was insane. However, it was all worth it! I’ve never been on mountaintop like this, nowhere near it. The feeling of satisfaction that overflowed in my heart and mind when I saw THIS cannot be put in words. Thank you AGAIN Sports Basement for an AMAZING trip and to the other backpackers who joined me on this unforgettable experience.


Bay Area Favorites

I just recently realized that it’s been almost three years since I moved back to the Bay Area. I honestly could not imagine living anywhere else at this point and time (that isn’t to say never). The Bay has endless amounts of things to do and places to go. I often get emails from friends saying they are visiting SF and asking for food, shopping and activity recommendations, so I thought I would put together an edited-down list of my favorites.

Note: This list consists of food, shopping and activity recommendations in SF and Palo Alto. This list is extremely short, but I’ll stay tuned for updates. I’m also still exploring different cities in the Bay Area and looking for new things to discover so if you do happen to live in the Bay Area and have a hidden gem, please share!


true food.JPG

Bill’s Cafe – a great place for Brunch. (Palo Alto)

The Creamery – This is a retro-style diner known for its milkshakes, but they also serve a full menu of classic American fare. If you visit make sure you look at the waiters shirts, they’re shirts are the most creatives ones I’ve seen in dinners! (Palo Alto)

Crepevine – They serve sweet & savory crêpes, plus classic American bites. (Palo Alto)

Eureka! – AMAZING burguer place, just to put it simple. Cocktails are awesome too, bit pricey, but they have an excellent happy hour. Oh and the Mac n cheese balls! Yes, you need to have those too! (Mountain View)

Fiorella – This is a chic and cozy bistro. They serve delicious Italian pastas & wood-fired pizzas, plus wine & craft beer. They also have the best wallpaper. (San Francisco)

Los Alto Taqueria  – Hands down the best Mexican food in Palo Alto/Mountain View area. My entire family loves this place! Excellent burritos, tacos, and more!

Orens Hummus – One of my favorites Mediterranean restaurants in Palo Alto. They serve housemade hummus with falafel or meats, plus many sides & sauces. (Palo Alto)

Palo Alto Sol – One of Mark Zuckerbergs favorite spots. This is a colorful cantina with outdoor seating specializing in traditional Puebla cuisine. Make sure to get their early because restaurant fills up fast! (Palo Alto)

Patxi’s – If you’re looking for Chicago deep dish pizza, look no further. This is the best deep dish pizza you’ll find in the Bay Area. (Palo Alto)

True Food Kitchen – My favorite eating spot in Palo Alto! This is a eco-chic chain restaurant that serves health-conscious fare, including vegan options, gluten options, and they’ve got great cocktails. (Palo Alto)

The Village Cheese House – Looking for a great sandwich? You can’t pass up the Village Cheese House. This is my go-to for custom orders & daily baked breads. (Palo Alto)

Other Food Options

Nekter – Hands down my favorite juice bar. They’ve got everything, juices, smoothies, acai bowls. So good and so fresh!



Cream – Cream is a counter-service chain for ice cream sandwich lovers! (Palo Alto)

Humphry Slocombe – Spending a hot day in the city? Stop by Humphry Slocombe and try some of their creative flavors with offbeat names! (San Francisco)

Mr. Holmes – This bakery services a mix of tarts, donuts & croissant-muffins, plus coffee in a cozy, bright space. If you’re looking to try a croissant-muffin make sure you get there early – they sell out fast! (San Francisco)

Susie Cakes – This bakery offers desserts made from-scratch , including cookies, pies & the best custom layer cakes. (Menlo Park)

Tin Pot Creamery – Super small-batch ice cream parlor that sells baked goods & scoops of gourmet flavors with vegan options. (Palo Alto)


The Patio – Palo Alto bar with big patio Great place to watch big sporting events, especially football! Palo Alto, CA.

The Old Pro – This is a high-energy sports bar known for its Stanford allegiance, happy-hour deals and a mechanical bull. Palo Alto, CA.

21st Amendment – A great place to stop before heading to AT&T Park. They serve housemade brews, pub grub, and brunch!


SF MOMA– The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. *Note: The first Tuesday of every month is free entrance!

Bike to Sausalito– This is a fun activity to do for the day. You can rent a bike over near Fisherman’s Warf and ride it all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge and then take a ferry bake into the city.

Ferry Building– Walk along the Embarcadero (a beautiful view of the Bay bridge) and head to the Ferry Building, which is full of great restaurants and shops including Miette and The Slanted Door, two of my faves. There is also a wonderful farmer’s market on Saturdays that we love to go to!

Cable Car Ride– It’s a little touristy, but you get the full SF experience when you take one of the classic cable cars around the city. I did it with some of my girlfriends back when we were visiting in college.

Presidio – A former military base, the Presidio is now used for many things, including housing the Disney Museum and the Presidio Social Club, a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try. It has some of the prettiest views in the city overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Beach Blanket Babylon – explore North Beach, which has some of the best Italian restaurants in the city.



Winter Wonderland in Tahoe

This thanksgiving I did something a little different…In the past my family would gather at a relatives house. We would prepare the table, prepare the food, play some games, and eat dinner all under one roof. However, this year I escaped and I went on a little road trip with some friends.

Where did we go??!

We went to Lake Tahoe!

Was there snow this early you may ask?

Yes, there was snow!

Displaying IMG_9266.JPG

We traveled Thursday afternoon and arrived around 7 (it was about a four and a half hour dirve) just in time for dinner at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort. Was the dinner good? It was fanatastic! It was no thanksgiving dinner, it was practically a feast! They had so much food and so many options. They had turkey, ham, crab, shrimp, oysters and so much more.

That night we came back from dinner we got settled in to our gorgeous cabin. It was big, cozy, and very, very red. It had 3 large bedrooms, 4 beds, to bathrooms, a large living room, and a big kitchen and dinning area.

Displaying IMG_9255.JPG

Here’s the view from the back of our cabin.

Displaying IMG_9267.JPG


 Friday morning instead of going to the stores, I spent the day on the slopes!

We went to the Mt Rose Tahoe’s highest base resort (8260′).

Displaying IMG_9292.JPG

On our way home I made our driver pull over so we could capture this amazing view!

Check out these amazing colors and the view!

Absolutely no filters needed in these pictures.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Displaying IMG_9305.JPG

Saturday was our last day in Tahoe. We spent the morning making breakfast and packing up the cars. Then made our way back up the mountain and to another ski resort, Sugar Bowl.

Our half day on the mountain started off pretty good…

Displaying IMG_9338.JPG

Then  we noticed a storm rolling in…it got darker and colder…Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Although we were in the mist of a storm, we stayed and skied until they closed the lift.

The travel home took much longer than expected. It took us around six and half hours to get home. I’m not sure what made the traffic worst, the storm of the fact that we were traveling thanksgiving weekend, either way, I’m happy we made it back in one piece and I’m very thankful for the wonderful friends that joined me and invited me to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with them.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Fun Trip to the Studios

My aunt, cousin, and I flew out to Burbank on Monday and had a little girls only day.


After our one hour flight from San Jose to Burbank we checked into our hotel, the Coast Anabelle Hotel, my cousin did some homework while my aunt and I unpacked and then we called Lyft for a ride.

We took Lyft to our next location, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour where we spent three hours learning about Warner Brothers studios, driving through their different lots and walking through some sets!


My aunt and I had both gone about 3 years ago, but it has changed so much!

It was great before, but now it’s AMAZING!


We got to walk through the sets of Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls and the new Gilmore Girls Revival, the Big Bang Theory, Fuller House, Super Girl, Spiderman, Batman and many other Television and Movie sets.


Any Gilmore Girls or Pretty Little Liars recognize this chapel??

Displaying IMG_8260.JPG

The house in Fuller House.


Standing in front of the Big Bang stage! Yes, this is a picture of the cast parking lot.


Visiting the “Props Store”


Game of Thrown Fans!!


Visiting the White House.


So many phones!


Visiting Batman and all his amazing automobiles. All the men on our tour loved this part of the tour.

IMG_8113.JPGHello Batman!


Behind bars at the Suicide Squad.


My absolute favorite part of the tour has to be our last stop to Stage 48 which is dedicated to the television series Friends.

The original Friends stage.


The new stage.


We got to see the set of Central Perk


Displaying IMG_8265.JPG







Displaying IMG_8242.JPG

In Studio 48 they also had a mini museum.

We got to hold a real Oscar (from 1948), my cousin got to ride a broomstick and pretend like she was filming a screen from Harry Potter, and we got to see some other cool behind the scene items.

The tour was completely worth it and definitely something you should do if in the area.

Tickets sell pretty fast, so it’s best to buy them online.

After the tour we decided to head out to dinner at Universal’s City Walk.


We ate at the Hard Rock and explored the area until closing time. We then called for Lyft to take us back to the hotel so we could get some beauty sleep.

In summary, Monday was an exhausting day with lots of walking and exploring. It was a great day with just us girls!






We’re headed to The Ellen Show!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you might remember the day I announced I had received an email for 4 tickets to the Ellen DeGenerous Show!

Here’s how it all started.

One Sunday afternoon, while I was between laundry loads I went to the Ellen Show website and clicked on their ticket link. I saw that they had tickets to some shows in October so I went ahead and signed my name for the days to see if I had any luck.

Well…Monday morning, while at work, I was checking my email and as I was cleaning out my unread messages in my inbox I see a message from EllenTickets, which shares that I have just received 4 tickets to Ellen for the show on October 18!

Displaying IMG_8410.JPG

This was literally one of the best parts of my day!

I’ve been a big fan of Ellen for a while, my aunt actually is the one that got me into it and she took me to my very first show the summer after my freshman year in college and absolutely loved it!

Now that I had received the tickets the next step was to choose who was going to come with me!

Guest #1: My 14 year old Cousin

My cousin, who is like my little sister,  had been hinting at me that she wanted to go with me since I found out I got the tickets. I wasn’t sure if I could take her because she would have to miss school (two days of homecoming week) and I wasn’t sure about Ellen’s age limit. To her luck the age limit is 14 and her mom said it was alright if she were to miss two days.

Guest #2: My Aunt

My aunt was a given, since she took me to my first show and since she’s a big ellen fan!

Guest #3: My Uncle

He’s not the biggest fan, unlike his aunt, but he’s been to show before and loves attending because of how energetic Ellen is and he loves to see the star guests.

If you really know me, you should know I love surprises and games, so really it was a brainer that I wouldn’t just going to ask my cousin if she wanted to come. I was going to make her work for it.

Surprise for Guest #1

 I created this poster and hid it in the house. Her instructions were to find a piece of paper behind a door. Yes, that all the instructions I gave her and really all the instructions she needed.

The paper looked like this…

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

I took her a little over 5 minutes to find it.

Here she is super excited to have finally found it!

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

We just got back from a fun filled two days in Burbank last night. If you check out my Instagram and Twitter you can see some of the great places we got visit.

I’ll share more about the trip and some more pictures latter this week, but right now I need a little sleep time.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

South Lake Tahoe

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed all my recent pictures from my vacation to Lake Tahoe.

Sorry it’s taken me this long to post about it, but we got home very late Sunday and I went straight to bed. I had to work the following morning, but here is it now. Enjoy!

Mini Vacation To:

South Lake Tahoe

When we’ve gone to Lake Tahoe in the past we’ve typically stayed at a family friends house which she rents out. She lives close to some amazing hikes and we’ll typically go hiking, exploring some grounds around the area, or go to Fallen Leaf Beach or Angora Lake, but this time we did something completely new.


We stayed in a great resort in South Lake Tahoe, the Marriott Timber Lodge, right below to Heavenly.


Our stay at the Marriott was great! The kids had so much fun in the pool and in Kids Club where they had activities all day long! The adults and I on the trip had fun as well drinking by the pool and exploring in Heavenly Village!


Unfortunately, due to very strong winds we were not able to take the gondolas up to Heavenly and do the fun activities up in the area. However, if you do have great weather I recommend you take the gondolas to Heavenly because there are so many activities to do at the top of the mountains. You can go zip-lining, tubbing, and there a fun coaster to ride on too! You can watch a video of the fun coaster HERE!


Food is also very important because well we all have to eat. Well if your going to South Lake Tahoe and need some where to find some great food Heavenly is the place to go! They have an amazing restaurant we visit every time we go, Base Camp Pizza Co. There pizza is amazingly delicious!! And if your not in the mood for pizza that alright because they’ve got many other food options you can choose from on their menu.


Another of our favorite stops is Heidi’s. This is a Pancake house open everyday from 7am to 2pm and it’s been around for over 50 years. There food is great, the pancakes are yummy, and their crapes and one of their specialties.


This next food option is one we just discovered and have rated it a 5 out of 5, Sonney’s BBQ Shack Bar and Grill. This is a new restaurant on the map, it just opened two years ago. The men were in the mood for some BBQ and this definitely hit the spot. Just look at one the meals they got!


I’m telling you know, if you’re in the mood for some great pulled pork or some amazing ribs stop at Sonney’s BBQ Shack Bar and Grill!


Now it’s time to share with you the beaches we went to and swam in! Like I mentioned before it was a bit breezy during our stay in Tahoe, so we didn’t do too much swimming in the lake.

This time around we went to Richardson beach and Round Hills Pines Beach Resort.

Check out some of the amazing pictures I took of the water and the mountains.


An amazing day at Richardson Beach.


Look at the snow at the top of the mountains!


We bought this pink flamingo at a toy shop in Heavenly Village, but I’ve also found that they sell it only! Click here to see it.


Mountains, boats and boys, my favorite view!

And that’s a wrap for my recent trip to Lake Tahoe!!

Thanks for reading!