Revisiting the Ramsey Case

After watching Making a Murderer last winter I've been pretty obsessed with documentaries and crime. I absolutely love documentary series and lucky for me this year marks the 20th anniversary of JonBenet Ramsey and many television broadcasting companies have been reopened her case, trying to piece together what really happened the night she disappeared in hope to discover [...]

On My Radar

Here's what's been on my radar this week! ONE // Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Gilmore Girls The Gilmore Girl: A Year In the Life is only a few months away! So why not celebrate the upcoming new episodes with some fun pictures from the cast. All new episodes will debut on November 25, 2015. TWO // [...]

Outside Lands

Just two weeks ago I got an amazing opportunity to attend... ...with one of my best friends since elementary school...and her friend from swim club! This was my first time attending this music festival in the Golden Gate State Park, and all I can say is WOW!  IT WAS AMAZING! The venue was great, the weather [...]

A Family Rafting Trip

Over the summer my cousin and went kind of crazy on Groupon ordering anything that sounded fun to do with the family. Well one of the Groupon's I bought was... A RAFTING TRIP FOR 6! Five cousins and I, from ages 7 to 27, all went white water rafting (level I and II) on the Stanislaus [...]