Fitness Bucket List

I’m pretty sure everyone who’s met me knows I love creating bucket lists. I love writing down things I want to experience and I love the feeling you get when you finally get to cross an item out. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment that I get especially when I cross something off on this list.

THIS is my fitness list. Below are activities I want to try for the first time and activities I want compete in. I may add activities later on to this list, somethings may be super easy to try, and others  may take months of training, but I’m dedicated to get as many of these activities crossed off my list! So, let’s do this thing!

Running List
Run a Marathon – San Francisco Marathon 
Run your 10th Half Marathon (non trail run)
Participate in a Ragnar Race

Complete the Major Six Marathons by age 30  
Boston – 2018
Chicago – Will run in 2019
New York

Big Sur – 2018
Boston to Big Sur Challenge – 2018
Disney Marathon
Great Wall Marathon

Do the polar bear plunge
Swim the escape from Alcatraz

Do a long-distance bike tour

Other First Time Classes/Experiences
Try hot yoga
Try a boxing class
Learn to rollerblade
Compete in Tough Mudder
Take part in a Triathlon