Filming at The Ellen Show!

On our second day in Burbank we spent the entire day at The Ellen Show!

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We arrived at the check in area at 11:30 checked in and got stamped. Then waited around until 1:30 to get our actual tickets.

During the time in between we did lots of reading, played on our phones, took multiple selfies, and had lots of coffee.

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When the staff members of The Ellen Show finally arrived that’s when we got  our actual ticket cards and they announced the celebrity guests: Tyler Perry, Louis Hamilton, and Maren Morris.

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Around 2:30 we headed into the studio and into the Ellen Store.

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We walked through her store and waited a few minutes before being seated.

I’ve been to the show now twice and my aunt about four or fives time so we know most of the secrets to being noticed by the crew like wear bright colors, be super energetic, positive energy, and smile.

Since we were number 3,4,5, and 6 we got to walk into the studio first. They sat us down and then we waited for everyone else to be seated.

After they filled up the studio one of Ellen’s staff introduced Twitch who got the crowd hyped up by dancing. I think we were in there for about 30-45 minutes just dancing and signing along to music when all of a sudden Ellen was introduced.

Below are two pictures of the dance party we had before filming with Twitch!

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Not too sure what I’m doing here with my fingers…

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I told all my friends about the filming and one of my best friends sent me her a snap!

She spotted me on television!

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The studio had the most amazing positive energy of any place I’ve been. It’s no surprise since that is what Ellen is all about but strangers are dancing and hugging each other, everyone is smiling, it’s incredible.

She doesn’t interact with audience members much except the ones she gave away prizes to and spends the commercial breaks singing and dancing along to the music Twitch was playing as well as talking to her producers.

It was an exciting day at Ellen show, we were all drained and exhausted by the end of the day, but we carried Ellen’s energy home with us!

As Ellen would say “laugh, dance and be kind to each other”.



Fun Trip to the Studios

My aunt, cousin, and I flew out to Burbank on Monday and had a little girls only day.


After our one hour flight from San Jose to Burbank we checked into our hotel, the Coast Anabelle Hotel, my cousin did some homework while my aunt and I unpacked and then we called Lyft for a ride.

We took Lyft to our next location, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour where we spent three hours learning about Warner Brothers studios, driving through their different lots and walking through some sets!


My aunt and I had both gone about 3 years ago, but it has changed so much!

It was great before, but now it’s AMAZING!


We got to walk through the sets of Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls and the new Gilmore Girls Revival, the Big Bang Theory, Fuller House, Super Girl, Spiderman, Batman and many other Television and Movie sets.


Any Gilmore Girls or Pretty Little Liars recognize this chapel??

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The house in Fuller House.


Standing in front of the Big Bang stage! Yes, this is a picture of the cast parking lot.


Visiting the “Props Store”


Game of Thrown Fans!!


Visiting the White House.


So many phones!


Visiting Batman and all his amazing automobiles. All the men on our tour loved this part of the tour.

IMG_8113.JPGHello Batman!


Behind bars at the Suicide Squad.


My absolute favorite part of the tour has to be our last stop to Stage 48 which is dedicated to the television series Friends.

The original Friends stage.


The new stage.


We got to see the set of Central Perk


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In Studio 48 they also had a mini museum.

We got to hold a real Oscar (from 1948), my cousin got to ride a broomstick and pretend like she was filming a screen from Harry Potter, and we got to see some other cool behind the scene items.

The tour was completely worth it and definitely something you should do if in the area.

Tickets sell pretty fast, so it’s best to buy them online.

After the tour we decided to head out to dinner at Universal’s City Walk.


We ate at the Hard Rock and explored the area until closing time. We then called for Lyft to take us back to the hotel so we could get some beauty sleep.

In summary, Monday was an exhausting day with lots of walking and exploring. It was a great day with just us girls!






We’re headed to The Ellen Show!

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you might remember the day I announced I had received an email for 4 tickets to the Ellen DeGenerous Show!

Here’s how it all started.

One Sunday afternoon, while I was between laundry loads I went to the Ellen Show website and clicked on their ticket link. I saw that they had tickets to some shows in October so I went ahead and signed my name for the days to see if I had any luck.

Well…Monday morning, while at work, I was checking my email and as I was cleaning out my unread messages in my inbox I see a message from EllenTickets, which shares that I have just received 4 tickets to Ellen for the show on October 18!

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This was literally one of the best parts of my day!

I’ve been a big fan of Ellen for a while, my aunt actually is the one that got me into it and she took me to my very first show the summer after my freshman year in college and absolutely loved it!

Now that I had received the tickets the next step was to choose who was going to come with me!

Guest #1: My 14 year old Cousin

My cousin, who is like my little sister,  had been hinting at me that she wanted to go with me since I found out I got the tickets. I wasn’t sure if I could take her because she would have to miss school (two days of homecoming week) and I wasn’t sure about Ellen’s age limit. To her luck the age limit is 14 and her mom said it was alright if she were to miss two days.

Guest #2: My Aunt

My aunt was a given, since she took me to my first show and since she’s a big ellen fan!

Guest #3: My Uncle

He’s not the biggest fan, unlike his aunt, but he’s been to show before and loves attending because of how energetic Ellen is and he loves to see the star guests.

If you really know me, you should know I love surprises and games, so really it was a brainer that I wouldn’t just going to ask my cousin if she wanted to come. I was going to make her work for it.

Surprise for Guest #1

 I created this poster and hid it in the house. Her instructions were to find a piece of paper behind a door. Yes, that all the instructions I gave her and really all the instructions she needed.

The paper looked like this…

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

I took her a little over 5 minutes to find it.

Here she is super excited to have finally found it!

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We just got back from a fun filled two days in Burbank last night. If you check out my Instagram and Twitter you can see some of the great places we got visit.

I’ll share more about the trip and some more pictures latter this week, but right now I need a little sleep time.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!