13.1 Miles in Disneyland

Tinker Bell Half Marathon DONE!

I completed my first Half Marathon of the year in Disneyland!

I got to run through Disneyland, California Adventures, and through the streets of Anaheim.

How did I do?!?

Well…that’s a completely different story. I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would do, but I did bad when looking at my previous race times.

At least I finished right.

So lets start from the beginning.

My mom and I left Thursday night and drove to Anaheim, it took us 6 hours to get there. We checked into our little hotel, slept for a few hours, went grocery shopping, and then made our way to the Race Expo!

At the expo I picked up my bib, my bag, took some pictures, and did some shopping.

Saturday night my mom and I left the park early in order for me to get some rest.

I was in bed by 9pm!

I woke up at 3:00 am got dressed and then headed off to the Starting Line!

Here’s what I wore!


Tinker Bell wings, Nike hat, running leggings, Tinker Bell tank top, running fanny pack, and running shoes my shoes (not in picture).

During the race we ran the first four miles through the parks, Disneyland and California Adventures. We go to run though the park and through the back of the parks. It was fun and exciting and there were so many crew members cheering us on early in the morning.

Through the park we got to take pictures with some of the character (Tinker Bell, a few other Fairies, Goofy, and Chip and Dale). I only stopped to take one picture because the lines were very long and I didn’t want to stop running.

The rest of the race we ran through Anaheim up to City Hall and then ran back to the Disney property and to the Finish Line!

Here are some pictures from the race!













Here are some post race pictures of my new medal

…and after the race I went for some delicious pineapple soft serve Dole Whip!

Since the race was on Mother’s Day I wasn’t able to do much with my mom. We went to park, but had a mellow day. We went on some of the rides we hadn’t gotten a chance to go on the previous days and we watched the night parade and the fireworks.

So…on Monday I took my mom to Goofy’s Kitchen!

FullSizeRender copy

We had a nice breakfast with Goofy and other characters and then we packed our bags and said until next time (September) Disney!


California Adventures

Day two at the Disney parks was much more successful.

We arrived around 8:40 to the park and the lines for security were insanely long.

When we made it through security my uncle and I ran to get the strollers. We didn’t want to waste time today.

In the California’s Adventures park there are three rides in which the wait time can get extremely long; Car’s Radiator Spring, Toy Store Mania, and the California Screaming. If you go early enough you won’t need the get fast passes for the California Screaming because the line shouldn’t be too long.

When we made it through the park gates I ran to get tickets for Radiator Springs and for the night spectacular, World of Color, then met the rest of the family at the Coffee Shop. We then made our way to California Screaming where we only had to wait in line for 20 minutes, which is a really short wait for this ride.

California Screaming is the first ride on the Pier…



Waiting in line at Toy Store Mania.

…other rides on the pier include Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Toy Story Mania, Silly symphony swings, Goofy’s Sky school. We rode all of them!

We had a pretty late lunch on our second day. We didn’t eat until 4, so before lunch we went to my cousins choir performance, and we used our fast passes for Radiator Springs.

Radiator Spring is one of the my favorite rides at the CA park! Its  fun and exciting for kids of any age! Both the four and seven year old love this ride because its both fast and you get to see all the character of the movie!


In Cars Land we also got to ride Maters Junkyard Jamboree and the new ride Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadster.


A selfie while in line at Luigi’s Tire Shop! This is the newest ride in Car’s Land.

For lunch we had a big surprise for the girls. My aunt made reservations to eat at  Ariels Grotto!

At Ariels Grotto you get to eat and meet 5 princesses! The girls were so excited especially the four year old! The 7 year old thought we were lying, she kept telling us it wasn’t possible to eat lunch with the princess…we proved her wrong.


With Ariel at Ariel’s Grotto for Lunch.

During lunch we met Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel. They all came up during lunch and the girls got to get their signatures and take pictures with each one of them!


She’s so excited to see all the Princesses!

A long with these princess we also went to go say hello to Anna and Elsa!

This is my four year old cousins absolute favorite movie and characters!

Just look at her big smile!


Later at night before the World of Color show my little cousin, my aunt, and I rode the Tower of Terror. It was her first time riding it and although she loves roller coasters she did not like this ride, but I think it was more the talk and the video that scared her.

 We’re sitting on the second row to the right. I’m giving a thumbs up while my aunt and cousin are scared of out their minds.


The last thing we did at the park was watch the spectacular water show, World of Color.

I don’t have pictures of it because I didn’t want to risk getting my phone wet, but I did take my GoPro on this trip and I promise to upload the videos once I’ve got them all ready.

If you’ve never seen this show, I absolutely recommend you watch it! It’s an amazing show and Disney did a great job on all of it!

Well that was all of our day at California’s Adventure park!

Thanks for reading and come back soon for my tips when visiting the Disneyland Parks!




Our first day at Disney was a wild ride. We woke the kids at 7:15 got them all dressed and by 8:15 we were out the door waiting for the shuttle to take us to the park!

We got our tickets, two strollers and headed into the Disneyland park!


The girls excited, right before leaving the Hotel room.


A selfie with on the shuttle!


The Main Station at the opening gates of the park.

Because it’s spring break season and Easter weekend there were lots of people there, but we still managed to hit a few of the popular rides.


Cinderella’s castle.

We made our way to Tomorrow Land first to try to get tickets to Space mountain, but unfortunately, the ride was temporarily closed and  so we rode the Buzz Lightyear instead.

We then made our way to Fantasy Land, one of the parks busiest area. We rode Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Mr. Toad.

Once we finished up at Fantasy land we headed to Toontown where we stopped to say hello to Mickey Mouse!IMG_6764 (2)

I left my aunt and cousins right before the parade and jumped over to California’s Adventures where I got to spend time with my aunts oldest daughter and her friends.

Around 5 hoped back to Disneyland park end the day with the younger girls and together we watched the lights parade and the firework show.


A great picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle before the firework show.

After a long and hot day we called it a day after the fireworks show and headed back to the hotel to get a goodnight sleep.

Thanks for reading and stop by tomorrow – I’ll be sharing our day at California’s Adventure park!


What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?



An Impromptu Trip

This trip was completely unplanned and I was kinda pushed to go…kinda…well the truth was I really wanted to go but flights were expensive because of last minute requests and because I plan on coming back right before Easter.

I, my aunt, uncle, and two little cousins (4 and 7) traveled to LA to attend my cousins choir performance in LA. I had never gone to any of her previous performance because I was away at school so I looked at this as my last opportunity to go and I’m glad I went.


All thee girls in the car heading to the airport!


On my way to the gate!

We arrived to the John Wayne (SNA) airport around 10. We grabbed our luggage and we were greeted by our driver who drove us to the hotel in a nice big SUV!


Our sweet ride to the hotel!

My aunt has a family friend who works for Westin Hotels, so she was able to help us get a deal to stay at the Sheraton Garden Grove, which was located less than 10 minutes from the park. She was able to get us a nice room big enough for all five us to stay in.

Overall the first few hours in LA were exhausting, but very exciting. The girls were super excited to be in LA and were looking forward to the next day: a day at Disneyland.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our first day in Disneyland!