Watch, Skip, or Binge

Watch, Skip, or Binge

What to Watch Little Women   I went and saw Little Women last week and LOVED IT. I've seen the original one and was always disappointed when it ended but the new one has a new ending which made the entire film worth watching multiple times! What to Binge Cheer! -Netflix This is a six-part docu-series from [...]


If you haven’t already heard about it or started watching it, Netflix released Mindhunter on October 13th and I've already binged the entire season. This new 10-episode crime drama puts an original spin on contemporary police procedurals. It stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany and is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial [...]

The Keepers

  The Keepers is an exhaustive real-crime documentary series about the murder of a nun in 1969, but also so much more. It's the story about victims and their search for justice. It’s about giving them a chance to be heard over the loud denials of any and every official body. In November 1969, a [...]

New HBO Documentary

Mommy Dead and Dearest The sad story of the mother/daughter relationship at the center of Mommy Dead and Dearest is almost unimaginable. The new true-crime documentary that premiered Monday night on HBO looks at a Missouri murder connected to Munchausen by Proxy, a syndrome in which caregivers induce or foster health problems for someone in their care [...]

Running Documentaries

In the spirit of running I've created a  small list of running documentaries I want to watch, and the list included this one...The Barkley Marathons. I watched this on Netflix and I have one word to describe this race: INSANE! If you think running a full marathon is crazy, the Barkley Marathon is much worse. The Barkley Marathons [...]

A Movie Weekend

Once in the while, when my weekends are too filled with family events or new adventures I've planned for myself, I like to enjoy some matinee movies. I sometimes enjoy them matinee times more than the 8 pm or later movie nights because avoid the big crowds get movie tickets for cheap! = No Stress [...]

No Cell Phones! A Visit to Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner

There are still a few more weeks until the revival series of Gilmore Girls, but on October 5th, I, along with many other fans across the country got to experience something that was almost as good: a chance to try the coffee at Luke's Diner. On Wednesday, Gilmore Girls celebrated it's 16th Gilmoreversary -- that [...]