If you haven’t already heard about it or started watching it, Netflix released Mindhunter on October 13th and I’ve already binged the entire season.

This new 10-episode crime drama puts an original spin on contemporary police procedurals. It stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany and is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by ex-FBI agents Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas (I’ve already ordered the book!).

It examines the beginnings of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit in the 1970s, it invites viewers in to discover how the term ‘serial killer’ was developed and how the FBI fine-tuned its methods over the years. This show is the perfect combination of crime and intense psychological drama (my two favorite subjects).

Have you started it yet?

The Keepers



The Keepers is an exhaustive real-crime documentary series about the murder of a nun in 1969, but also so much more. It’s the story about victims and their search for justice. It’s about giving them a chance to be heard over the loud denials of any and every official body.

In November 1969, a young nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik, went missing from her Baltimore apartment. The following year she was discovered, lying on her back on a frozen hillside, far from home, her skull was broken in. No one has been able to conclusively say what happened to her until now.

In the series, we see interviews of key witnesses, police, local journalists and a few members of the church, and a group of dedicated sixtysomething former pupils of Sister Cathy, who band together to find out what happened.

What begins as a cold case unfolds into a horrific tale of systematic abuse, repressed memory and institutional rank-closing from the church, police and state prosecution department. In the version of events, no one is directly to blame, save for the obvious villain , Father Maskell, student counsellor at Archbishop Keough school, who inflicted years of sexual abuse on his students. Every attempt to indict him is deflected because – according to some victims – the police and even a local doctor were complicit.

Was Maskell, undeniably an appalling character, connected to Cesnik’s death? Are the witnesses everything they seem? Is this story less one of a murder and more of the cover-up that followed?

Let me know your thoughts on Netflix’s docu-series, The Keeper.




New HBO Documentary

Mommy Dead and Dearest


The sad story of the mother/daughter relationship at the center of Mommy Dead and Dearest is almost unimaginable.

The new true-crime documentary that premiered Monday night on HBO looks at a Missouri murder connected to Munchausen by Proxy, a syndrome in which caregivers induce or foster health problems for someone in their care to gain sympathy or attention.

In the documentary we see an exclusive prison interview with Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a now young woman who was forced to undergo unnecessary medical treatments by her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, and is now serving 10 years in connection with her 2015 murder…but there’s more to the story, so make sure you go and watch it on HBO.

Other True-Crime Topics

The Keepers: If you enjoy watching true-crime documentaries, like me, Netflix is releasing a seven-part docuseries The Keepersavailable Friday!

Profiling S-Town: In episodes 65 and 66 of Real Crime Profile Jim Clemente (a former NYC prosecutor, retired FBI profiler), Laura Rihards (criminal behavior analyst, and Lisa Zambetti (casting director for Criminal Minds) discuss the relatively new podcast S-Town and profile the different characters including John B. McLemore.

Any other true-crime documentaries or podcasts you would recommend?

Running Documentaries

In the spirit of running I’ve created a  small list of running documentaries I want to watch, and the list included this one…The Barkley Marathons. I watched this on Netflix and I have one word to describe this race: INSANE!


If you think running a full marathon is crazy, the Barkley Marathon is much worse. The Barkley Marathons is a ultramarathon trail race held in Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee. Runners elect a “fun run” of 60 miles (97 km) or the full course of 100 miles (160 km) (distances are approximate). The race is limited to a 60-hour period, and takes place in late March or early April of each year. Just to give you a perspective on how many people actually finish; in 2015 there were no finishers and in 2016 only 1 person finished.

This year, the Marathon began April 1st at 1:42am and ended on Monday at 1:42 pm.

There were two runner who started loop 5, but only one winner arrived before the cutoff. John Kelly finished in 59:30:33 and Gary Robbins missed the cutoff by 6 seconds. In my eyes, he’s still a winner, not many finish the race, but Robbins did.

I applaud all those that choose to participate in this race and I bow down to those who finish. Would I ever participate in a race like this? Never. Would I go watch it? Why not.

What are some of your favorite athletic documentaries? 

A Movie Weekend

Once in the while, when my weekends are too filled with family events or new adventures I’ve planned for myself, I like to enjoy some matinee movies.

I sometimes enjoy them matinee times more than the 8 pm or later movie nights because

  1. avoid the big crowds
  2. get movie tickets for cheap!

= No Stress

I choose this weekend to do exactly that – attend a movie in the early hours of the day.

This weekend my mother joined me to see The Girl on the Train and I the following morning I alone went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby.

My thoughts?!

They were both incredibly great!

If you haven’t read or seen The Girl on the Train I 100% recommend you go buy the book, read it, and then go see it in the big screen. Why? Well because like many books that are turned into featured films, the books is much better!

Renée Zellwege, has done a spectacular job again in the Bridget Jones sequel, Bridget Jones’s Baby. I think this was my FAVORITE one! Bridget Jones, like The Girl on the Train, was based of a book (4 actually). I have never read them, but I have friends who have and I’ve been told they are quiet different, but both very funny. I think I’ll need to add some these onto my reading list for next fall.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!



No Cell Phones! A Visit to Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner

There are still a few more weeks until the revival series of Gilmore Girls, but on October 5th, I, along with many other fans across the country got to experience something that was almost as good: a chance to try the coffee at Luke’s Diner.


On Wednesday, Gilmore Girls celebrated it’s 16th Gilmoreversary — that is, the anniversary of the series premier and yes, I traveled half an hour to the closest Luke’s Diner to celebrate and get some free coffee!

I arrived at the San Jose location at 6:20 am and was within the 40th person there! I got my free coffee, took some pictures, and got to avoid the madness (when I left the lines was extremely, at least 100 people deep!).

The San Jose coffee shop was all decked out for the occasion, complete with decor from Luke’s Diner; the no cell phone sign, the Luke’s Diner coffee sleeve, and a Luke’s sign outside the coffee shop!


I will admit my family members thought I was crazy for going to this and for getting in line at such a ridiculous time, but to me it was all worth it!

For those of you who haven’t finished the last 8 season of Gilmore Girls no worries you have until November 25 to catch up!

Also make sure you watch “We’re Back” a clip Netflix uploaded to their youtube account. I teared up just watching this!!

Can you tell how excited I am so excited for the premier!!

Must See Television Series on Netflix

While at college I didn’t get Netflix until my sophomore year, I received it as a gift. Some of my friends had it, but as popular as it is now. While in college we had cable in our room, but who likes to watch live television with so many commercials when on Netflix you’ve got none! Well, once I got I was completely hooked! I love, love, love Netflix.

I love watching movies, documentaries, but most of all I love watching television series.

Here are my Netflix television series recommendations:

stranger-things-banner-600x300.jpgStranger Things | This is a new series on Netflix and it’s already been renewed for a second season! This is a science fiction series based in a small town in Indiana during 1983 where a 12-year-old son goes missing. It’s got a little bit of everything: suspense, thrill, sci fi, and more.

les-frere-scott-2.jpgOne Tree Hill | This was one of my High School favorite shows. I’m not sure when exactly I started watching, but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop. I will warn you that after the gang graduates the show does get a bit crazy, but it’s so addictive you can’t stop watching.

FNL_S5_DVD.jpgFriday Night Lights | This is one of the best shows ever! One of my middle school teachers  would endlessly talk about how great it was and  soon enough I broke down and watched the show and it is amazing! The first episode starts off slow, but once you get through the first episode, you will be hooked! I’m still in love with Matt Saracen. Side note: This years marks the 10th anniversary of Friday Night Lights. People and EW filmed parts of the reunion and asked some of the cast some questions. Check it out here!

Mad-men-title-card.jpgMad Men | I absolutely love the first four seasons of this show. I love the womanizing things that occur through out the season, but it does get old. It’s a slow show and  it’s hard to multitask while you watch since you really do have to watch the show, but it’s totally worth it.

83.jpgGilmore Girls | i loved this show because the mother daughter relationship between the two main characters reminded me so much of the one my mother and I had. If you haven’t started watching this show yet I highly recommend you do, especially because the Gilmore Girl revival is happening in November!


Revisiting the Ramsey Case

After watching Making a Murderer last winter I’ve been pretty obsessed with documentaries and crime. I absolutely love documentary series and lucky for me this year marks the 20th anniversary of JonBenet Ramsey and many television broadcasting companies have been reopened her case, trying to piece together what really happened the night she disappeared in hope to discover who killed the six year old girl.

Investigation Discovery will be hosting a three-night docuseries “JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery,” which will premiere on tonight, Monday, Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. ET.

CBS is releasing an mini documentary “Case Closed,” its a three-part, six-hour unscripted miniseries premiering Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8:30 p.m. Part 2 airs on Sept. 19, and Part 3 on Sept. 25. AND If your familiar with the podcast Real Crime Profile this is the Big Case they were working on! They should be allowed to talk more about this case on their podcast once all the episodes have aired.

A&E aired the documentary “The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered” on September 5 and Dateline on NBC aired a two-hour special “Who Killed JonBenét?” on September 9.

See what I said about this how lucky I got with all these new documentaries and docuseries!



End of Summer TV Obsessions

Summer is coming to an end, summer tv shows are ending, and fall television seasons are still weeks away from starting!


Well other than watching the Olympics, I’m also watching a few other shows!

Here are my latests end of summer TV obsessions.

Are You The One?

This is a dating series from MTV where 20 single men and women try to find their perfect match. They are each put through an extensive matchmaking process to find their perfect match. In this season all 20 are living together in Hawaii trying to figure out who is their match. They have two more weeks to figure it out and if they do, they’ll split the largest cash prize in MTV history – ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Are You The One? airs Monday Nights at 9pm on MTV.

The Bachelor Pad

If you love the bachelor/bachelorette, reality tv, and drama this show is for you! If you’ve watched the previous 3 seasons of the bachelor and bachelorette you’ll recognize many familiar faces.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm on ABC.

Born This Way 

This documentary series show has so much humor and heart. It highlights the outgoing personalities and amazing abilities of seven young adults  born with Down syndrome.

Season 2 just started and it’s already nominated for an Emmy!

Born This Way airs  on A&E, Tuesdays on 10pm.

Married At First Sight

This show features six people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment where they each get  legally married with a complete stranger.

You think this is crazy, well I do to, but guess what?! There are couples that do make and who are in fact perfect matches!

Married at First Sight is currently on it’s fourth season, but all other seasons are online for you to watch!

Married at First Sight airs on fye, Tuesday at 8:30

What television series do you enjoy watching during the summer?

23 Blast

Once in a while I’ll find a great new movie in Netflix

Well last night I found another one

23 Blast

This is a movie inspired by the true story of Travis Freeman, a high school football player who contracted an infection that left him blind overnight. With the help and support from his family, mobility coach, coach, teammates, and friends travis helps his team advance to the state playoffs.

After watching the film on Netflix I did some research on Travis Freeman and his best friend Jerry who in the end we find out passed away before the release of the film.

How old was freeman when this all happened? 

Freeman was only 12 years old when he went blind.

The headache that started it all 

Unlike the movie Freeman actually had a migraine headache for nine straight days. He went to see multiple doctors that prescribed him medication and told him that the pain would eventually go away. It was not until the tenth day when the swelling in his right eye got worse and his eye started burning. He was rushed him to the ER and that’s when they found out he had contracted Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis, a rare and extreme form of a sinus infection. In 70% of those that have contracted this infection die, only 30% survive, but of those that survive a very small percentage have normal brain activity after. Travis was the second case in the world where the infection only affected the eye.

Freeman’s parents asked the Coach to let him be apart of the team again 

Freeman’s parents were aware of the love their son still had for football so they asked the coach to let him be apart of the team again, but they didn’t think he was ever going to play. Well, coach Farris had a different plan. If he was going to be apart of the team, he was going to play.

In August of 1994, Freeman became the first blind football player.

Freeman on the field

Although in the movie Freeman was portrayed as a running back who becomes a center after loosing his eye sight, he actually was a lineman and then when he lost his eye sight he moved from tackle to center.

The Coach never shared with officials or the other teams that he was blind they didn’t want Freeman or the team to get any special treatment. They were to be treated like any other team.

Jerry Baker – Alcohol while in school true?

According to Freeman, when Baker and him got to high school Baker “got wrapped up in drugs and alcohol”.

What happened to Jerry Baker ?

After a month after his daughter, Kerry,  was born Jerry was involved in a roofing accident that left him paralyzed. According to Freeman, Baker did not take care of himself and died after complication of the accident.

What happened to Ashley? 

I’d like to know some more too, but unfortunately it looks like Ashley was just a high school fling of a fictional character added in the filming. Freeman shares in a interview with USA Today that he never had girls chasing him around in high school.

Learn more about Freeman’s story through his autobiography

Lights Out: Living in a Dark World

15 Minutes with Travis Freeman 

Dylan Baker on Directing for the First Time