Running Log Week 4

Didn't have a great training week, but I did have a great race on Sunday. No major challenges this week, just some adjustments I'll have to make: getting used to running in the heat. It's definitely starting to feel like summer here in CA. Total Weekly Mileage: 22.7 Tuesday  Mileage: 5 miles HILLS Time: 55:25 Course: Treadmill... Feelings: [...]

Running Log Week 3

Overall I had a pretty good running week. Big improvements, specifically during my long run on Saturday. I ended the week with a really slow and easy run on Sunday (I was super sore Saturday run), but there's no way I'm going to let put a damper on my upcoming week! Cheer's to completing 3 weeks of training! [...]

Running Log Week 1

This week my biggest challenge was the rain. I haven't ever liked running in the rain, but this week I decided to go for it. I now hate running on the treadmill and would 100% prefer to run outside, even in the pouring rain. Total Weekly Mileage: 17 Tuesday: Mileage: 4 miles Time: 46:41 Course: Baylands Feelings: Rough Run, [...]