Running Log Week 3

Overall I had a pretty good running week. Big improvements, specifically during my long run on Saturday. I ended the week with a really slow and easy run on Sunday (I was super sore Saturday run), but there's no way I'm going to let put a damper on my upcoming week! Cheer's to completing 3 weeks of training! [...]

Running Log Week 2

Big challenge this week, but also great progress! The big challenge was that I got shin splints 🙁 . This was not fun and soooo painful. This is the reason I did not run Thursday or Friday, instead I just stretched and iced my legs in the morning and before bed. Still trying to figure out [...]

Running Log Week 1

This week my biggest challenge was the rain. I haven't ever liked running in the rain, but this week I decided to go for it. I now hate running on the treadmill and would 100% prefer to run outside, even in the pouring rain. Total Weekly Mileage: 17 Tuesday: Mileage: 4 miles Time: 46:41 Course: Baylands Feelings: Rough Run, [...]

San Francisco Marathon 2017

This year I'm determined to make my life goals a reality...things might come up that slow me down temporarily, but they will not stop me! Here's to goal number one...after completing eight half marathons I've officially signed up for my first marathon in San Francisco!! Join me on this journey as I become a runner [...]